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Globe Collaborates With Banks for Strengthened Cybersecurity – Globe Newsroom

Globe Spearheads Collaboration With Banks for Strengthened Cybersecurity

36.7-M bank-related spam, scam messages blocked from Jan-Aug

The Globe Group’s pioneering efforts to partner with banks and financial institutions continue to gain traction in the fight against cybercrime. 

The digital solutions platform successfully blocked nearly 36.7 million bank-related spam and scam messages from January to August of this year through collaboration and data-sharing with partner banks. 

While Globe’s campaign against online fraud largely involves the aggressive blocking of scam and spam messages, it has also focused on leading industry collaborations to create a more robust system of swiftly detecting, reporting, and acting on cybersecurity threats.

It recently partnered with the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP) to create a framework for intelligence and data-sharing, with Globe and member banks working closely together to counter the increasing volume and complexity of financial crimes,  identity theft, phishing, spam SMS, scams, and fraud.

This was a necessary next step after Globe signed agreements with major banks earlier this year to provide mutual support on investigations involving online banking fraud. The first alliance of its kind in the Philippines allows Globe and partner banks to share key information about mobile numbers potentially used by fraudsters to help in online banking fraud investigations. 

“Rapid detection and action against illicit activity on Globe’s network have been made possible by the groundbreaking information exchange frameworks with banks. These enhance the overall efficiency of fraud investigation and prevention,” said Anton Bonifacio, Globe Chief Information Security Officer.

Bonifacio stressed that the very nature of cybercrime and online fraud requires a collaborative and streamlined process that reduces limitations while remaining compliant with the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines.

“We have been at the forefront of these technology and information-sharing partnerships, knowing how cybercrime severely impacts consumers and key stakeholders in all industries, especially with increased digital adoption,” said Bonifacio.

Aside from blocking millions of scam and spam messages, Globe has also deactivated 14,058 scam-linked mobile numbers and blacklisted 8,973 more from January to July this year.

It has continued to ramp up its cybersecurity efforts by strengthening its capabilities to prevent attacks and threats to its infrastructure and protect its customers. These include a security operations center that works 24/7 to rapidly detect and defend against breaches, as well as a 100-strong team dedicated to cybersecurity efforts.

Through its #MakeITsafePH campaign, Globe also provides its customers with relevant updates and information about cybersecurity and the responsible use of the Internet. This helps increase awareness and boosts the customers’ abilities to protect themselves against online scams.

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