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Globe First PH Telco to Commercially Deploy LTE-Advanced 4CC Aggregation | Newsroom | Globe

Globe First PH Telco to Commercially Deploy LTE-Advanced 4CC Aggregation to Improve PH Mobile Internet

Globe Telecom became the first telecommunications operator in the Philippines to commercially deploy LTE-Advanced 4 component carrier (4CC) spectrum aggregation using the 2600MHz band. The technology effectively doubles LTE capacity in areas covered by the deployment, delivering faster internet experience to customers.

Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Program Governance, Network Technical Group, said the availability of the new spectrum allocation in the 2600 MHz, following the company’s partial acquisition of San Miguel’s telecommunication assets last year, boosts the telecommunication company’s capability in further improving the mobile internet browsing experience of its customers. Specifically, the company is making use of the 4-component carrier (4CC) spectrum aggregation in expanding and enhancing its LTE coverage.

The 4CC technology uses 4 distinctly separate blocks of the 2600 MHz spectrum that is aggregated by LTE-Advanced eNode B equipment to deliver faster internet speeds. This technology can be compared to increasing the number of lanes in a highway from 2 lanes (in the case of 2CC) to 4 lanes, thereby allowing faster internet services.

“This is the first time that a telco operator in the Philippines is making use of this 4-component carrier spectrum LTE-Advanced technology and we are maximizing the potential of the new spectrum assigned to us for the benefit of our customers. This technology milestone significantly improves customer experience as smartphone penetration in the country continues to increase,” Agustin said.


So far, Globe has already deployed the technology in 110 sites mostly in Metro Manila, Agustin said. According to him, the initial deployment covers most areas in Makati and certain areas in Quezon City, Marikina, Antipolo, and San Mateo.

He stressed that while most commercially available devices are compatible with 2-layer carrier aggregation technology, customers in said areas still stand to benefit from the deployment on account of increased data capacity provided by sites deployed with 4-layer spectrum, which generates speeds of up to 400 Mbps.

This year, the company plans to roll out the technology in more than 500 sites. Aside from Metro Manila, Globe plans to deploy the 4CC LTE-Advanced technology using 2600 MHz in key areas in North Luzon and South Luzon to increase data and in preparation for the availability of 4CC compatible devices. 

June last year, Globe began utilizing its additional allocation in the 2600 MHz as the company ramps up effort to provide better mobile internet experience for its customers. To date, Globe has deployed around 2600 LTE sites in about 1,200 mostly in Visayas and Mindanao, providing additional capacity and improving internet experience for its customers.

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