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Globe Listens to Customer Preferences for ‘Better, Personalized’ Content Options - Globe Newsroom

Globe Listens to Customer Preferences for ‘Better, Personalized’ Content Options

Filipinos face a new reality, and their shift to digital-based activities has prompted Globe to support this new lifestyle with better and more personalized content options. 


Globe SVP for Content and Product Management, Nikko Acosta, speaking at the “Philippines in View” webinar conducted by the Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA), said the company was able to bridge its customers to their needs by recognizing the root cause of the situation and responding with agility and creativity. 

“We found out that people are now venturing towards certain applications that help them during this challenging time, whether it's education, health or financial services. We took the basic concept that we offer across our products and our channels and give them what they want.  We want them to say ‘yeah this is what I need.  Globe knows me and I know Globe.’ That is a perfect partnership,” he said.

Acosta shared that at the start of the pandemic, Globe already offered basic services and products vital to the new normal such as dependable data connectivity. This later on evolved to e-commerce, telehealth, and other services to fit the changing needs of the population. 

“We will continue to be innovating, but this is not about the products and services but the human experience. We try to humanize all our efforts to tell our customers that they are not alone in this pandemic, that we are part of them and their family,” he added.

Globe has become a strong content provider in the country thanks to its collaborations with partners that complement the company’s goal of providing much-needed and valuable content in the market. 

Aside from partnership with local, regional, and global brands that have the acumen and have gained success in their respective fields, Globe also produces its own content. 

“The ecosystem is based on how we are able to reach the customers as fast as we can through the different channels that we have in place whether digital or offline. The content that we produce is basically learning from the people who are appreciating one content over the other, so we can create and acquire help if we are not an expert on that particular area,” Acosta said. 

Listening to the customers and its stakeholders allows Globe to innovate and create products and services in the areas of e-commerce, fintech, education, healthcare, lifestyle, and entertainment, among others, to help Filipinos make it through the pandemic.

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