Monthly Active Users of Globe Self-Service Apps Increase by 250%

Monthly active users of Globe’s self-service apps have grown significantly in the past nine months, showing how consumers are adjusting to the new normal by turning to digital options for their basic account transactions.

Globe At Home app monthly active users went up by 250% from January to September 2020.  Over 70% of Globe postpaid and prepaid home broadband customers are regularly using the app to track data usage, check prepaid balance, view and pay bills, upgrade plan, Share-A-Promo to a Prepaid WiFi account, get more data via volume boost, access the troubleshooting guide, schedule a repair, request for reconnection, and request transfer of location, among other services.

On the other hand, usage of the GlobeOne app for mobile customers also grew 244%  during the same period.  Usage of the app peaked when Globe Prepaid introduced the Go promos with the highest data allocation.

GlobeOne app is the digital companion of all Globe Postpaid and Prepaid customers.  For business customers, the app is used for both mobile and broadband transactions.   For TM customers, Globe likewise introduced their own TM app. 

Through the GlobeOne app, Prepaid customers can check their load balance and expiration date, loading history, and data and app data allowance, as well as buy load and subscribe to promos. Postpaid customers, on the other hand, can view their current plan, billing and payment records, and remaining data allowance; settle their outstanding balance, adjust their spending limit, and subscribe to promos, among other transactions.

As of September, both apps have served nearly 900,000 transactions per month. This shows that digital self-service apps are gaining preference among customers.   

The apps have a feedback form where customers can submit their questions or concerns which Globe customer service agents will answer within a specified time. Likewise, They also have a link to Gie, Globe’s Facebook Messenger chatbot. Gie can help with account details and after-sales concerns.

The two digital touchpoints have become a viable alternative for after-sales service driven by the people’s need for contactless alternatives and the realization that the apps can be a quicker and more convenient way to do basic transactions without having to call the hotline.

“We are constantly creating digital tools and providing resources to allow our customers to make well-informed decisions so we are excited to see them embrace digitalization which is how many things under the new normal will be,” said Rebecca Eclipse, Globe’s Chief Customer Experience Officer. 

Globe At Home and GlobeOne apps may be downloaded via Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. Globe customers may register using their email address or third party credentials like Gmail, Facebook, and Yahoo! Mail and enroll their accounts using their mobile or broadband number, whichever is applicable.  

By empowering customers to find solutions independently, Globe agents are able to take care of more complex concerns such as repairs and connectivity issues, service recovery, and proactive care.

Globe hotlines remain open for self-service transactions that can be done through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). Agent support is provided through the Globe official Facebook Page, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter account. 

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