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Globe Uses SMS to Make Learning Available to All - Globe Newsroom

Globe Uses SMS to Make Learning Available to All

In an effort to help the government reach out to as many learners as possible under the new normal, Globe is making use of the most basic, stable, ubiquitous, and affordable platform that Filipinos have access to— the short messaging service (SMS) or text messaging.

Often neglected due to its limited capabilities, SMS proves to be useful for those who have limited or no access to internet services.  Through Ugnay, a text learning course platform, Globe hopes to get closer to its mission of making quality education available to all.

Ugnay is a simple remote learning tool for education reinforcement and may even serve as a better alternative to long e-Learnings and printed modules. It aims to deliver efficient, effective, and accessible learning content to a broader audience via SMS.

Since people spend most of their time on their phones, it makes text messaging the fastest and most effective tool to deliver information. Moreover, learning through text messages has a lot of benefits to offer. It is scalable and can reach up to thousands of learners without much effort. Text messages are also short by nature so the lessons are concise and easy to digest. It is also frictionless, which means less hassle in logging in and navigating through different screens' pages.

“This pandemic heightened the need for distance learning but there are a lot of challenges -  from the adjustments that have to be done by teachers and students to accommodate distance learning to the availability of content and limitations of accessing learning media that rely heavily on compatible devices and stable internet connection.  This prompted us to look for ways to address these concerns,” Ariane Nava, Globe Head of Channel Governance and People Excellence. 

With this versatile platform, teachers and trainers can create and publish scheduled courses easily in just a few clicks. Learners can pick a convenient time to receive daily micro-learning contents and assessments. The texts come with multiple-choice or short-answer questions graded at the backend automatically so teachers and trainers can monitor their students’ responses. 

Globe is a strong advocate of quality education and has already launched a number of initiatives to support the education sector, ranging from teacher training programs, device and data donations and bundles for teachers and schools, and content creation, among others.  It is also committed to 10 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which include UNSDG No. 4, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Visit Ugnay for more information and to request a demo for free.

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