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Greater Synergy, Collaboration Towards Digital Enablement - Globe Newsroom

Globe Sees Greater Synergy, Collaboration Towards Digital Enablement as Part of Presidential Advisory Council

The Globe Group is privileged to be part of the Digital Infrastructure sector of the recently convened Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC), a body created on orders of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to boost public-private collaboration towards inclusive national development. 

The Digital Infrastructure sector has set its eyes on ensuring greater internet access in the country and supporting the government’s digitalization goals, as the President had laid down as key targets in his first State of the Nation Address. 

Globe’s participation in the council, through its President and CEO Ernest Cu, provides an avenue for greater synergy with government and other private sector partners in pursuit of a shared aspiration for Filipinos.

“We are excited to have a seat at this table where we can provide insights to the administration and collaborate with peers on digital initiatives towards realizing the Chief Executive’s digitalization goals, which echo our own targets,” Cu said. 

“The creation of this council fosters friendship and a cooperative environment among government and private sector leaders, and I can only see this taking the nation farther towards achieving our common goals,” he added. 

Globe’s inclusion in the advisory council takes to another level its digitalization initiatives well aligned with the administration’s own targets, as it stands ready to provide the technological backbone and a reliable network to digitalize government processes and provide universal connectivity nationwide. 

For long at the forefront of introducing digital innovations, Globe is in the position to leverage a suite of digital solutions through its portfolio companies in fintech, health tech, edutech, and adtech, among others, to support the government’s digital transformation goals. 

The Globe Group, likewise, fully supports the President’s 19-point legislative agenda, which hopes to drive the country’s recovery from the worst of the pandemic. This agenda is aligned with Globe’s long-standing programs on digital enablement, intellectual property rights, sustainable and inclusive development, and climate risk mitigation, among others.

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