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IAU Sets the Pace for the Better Normal of Aviation Education With Globe - Globe Newsroom

IAU Sets the Pace for the Better Normal of Aviation Education With Globe

The aviation industry is undeniably one of the industries that has been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Major airliners are downsizing their workforce, resulting in huge economic losses. Through all this, Cebu’s Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) believes that every crisis (including this pandemic) brings new opportunities--- the opportunity to thrive and flourish in the new normal of education by designing a blended distance learning program for both the Basic Education and the College, adherent to the emergency remote teaching paradigm.

IAU sought the assistance of Globe Telecom to provide continuous online education to its students via an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) named ALTIMETER (Alternative Instructional Method Electronic Resource). Powered by Brightspace, students will meet with their teachers and classmates virtually at the ALTIMETER once or twice a week or on an arranged schedule. In the offline distance learning mode, students will learn on their own through module or course packs designed by their teachers and professors.  

These self-directed instructional materials include worksheets, activity sheets, and other electronic learning resources accessible at the ALTIMETER. It requires only minimal data/internet bandwidth to run and can readily be downloaded on mobile phones, laptops, or desktop computers; hence, it is convenient and user-friendly.

“With the new landscape of education in the Philippines, Globe aims to help learning institutions like IAU digitally transform and create fun learning experiences for their students. We do this by providing the right solutions that will best cater to a school’s needs such as LMS, connectivity plans, and more,” said Globe myBusiness Strategy and Marketing Head Maridol Ylanan.

Moreover, the school guarantees that the learning content for this academic year has been simplified and designed primarily for distance education set-up, with the goal of acquiring the most essential learning competencies expected for the subject or course.

IAU President and founder Dr. Jovenal B. Toring has this to say: “May our quest for the better normal empower all of us, the Aerospacers, future aviators of this country, with a renewed commitment to life-long learning, as did the founding fathers of the aviation industry whose rulebook is to always fly the airplane no matter what!”

Through partnerships like this, Globe continues to prove itself an invaluable partner in promoting 21st Century Learning and in improving resilience in education.

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