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IT Modernization, 1st Milestone in Platform Refresh for Improved Customer Experience - Globe Newsroom

Globe Embarks on IT Modernization, Hurdles First Milestone in Platform Refresh for Improved Customer Experience

Globe has embarked on a major IT modernization effort meant to reduce service outages, recently passing a significant milestone on billing system infrastructure refresh, and with succeeding phases of platform upgrades still to come.

With a ₱4.1-billion total investment to date, this multi-year effort is meant to improve user access to various company products and services by addressing glitches that customers encounter, such as issues in loading and registering for promos, to benefit an estimated 87.4 million mobile customers. 

The IT modernization runs parallel to Globe’s network modernization program, which involves upgrading cell sites to 4G/LTE and ramping up the fiberization of Filipino homes.

With both IT platforms and its network enhanced, Globe aims to provide best-in-class service and connectivity for its over 92 million mobile, broadband, and fixed-line voice customers. 

“We are proud to have passed this phase of our massive IT modernization program, which aims to significantly reduce service interruptions. This is part of our commitment to continuously provide consistent and reliable service to our customers,” said Raul Macatangay, Globe’s Chief Information Officer, adding that this is just one of many other programs lined up.

Under the recent milestone, changes were made to Globe’s Business Support System (BSS). BSS is necessary for consolidated business processes across Globe’s prepaid and postpaid wireless, wireline, and broadband operations. It enables Globe to manage its customer relationships better across various product offerings and provide a new level of personalized customer experience. The move extends the health of the BSS for another five to seven years.

“With the multi-platform refresh and upgrades under the IT modernization program, Globe aims to significantly decrease issues that customers confront in loading, promo or offer registrations and usage, improving the experience of both our retailer partners and subscribers,” Macatangay said. 

The modernization will also ensure that glitches will be addressed quickly through redundancies, fixing problems linked to single points of failure. This ensures that issues will be resolved with minimal to no impact on customers, even during times of calamities and disasters, when telco service interruptions usually occur. 

Globe’s enduring commitment to innovate and build up infrastructure is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and its push to foster economic growth and development. 

“This modernization demands a lot of hard work from our teams. Once completely finished, we hope that our customers feel the benefits of this upgrade. This is part of #AlagangGlobe and our goal to deliver a #1stWorldNetwork to Filipinos,” added Macatangay.

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