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SAP Names Globe as “The Game Changer” - Globe Newsroom

SAP Names Globe as “The Game Changer”

Globe Telecom bagged the “Most Transformational Award – The Game Changer” during the recently held SAP Best Run Awards 2021 for Southeast Asia as it continues to pursue its purpose-led digital transformation journey.

The Awards recognizes and celebrates leading organizations in the region that have harnessed innovations from across SAP's ecosystem of products and services, turning insights into action to drive successful transformation for their businesses. SAP is a global market leader in enterprise software applications.   

“Globe’s powerful story of transformation, agility and resilience will continue to inspire and influence businesses across Southeast Asia, and we can’t wait to see what other opportunities await you next year. I look forward to building on our partnership, and am confident we can innovate and excel together as a stronger Southeast Asia,” said Edler Panlilio, Managing Director, SAP Philippines, in his letter to Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.

Organizations were assessed on their ability to think out of the box and how technology has been implemented to innovate and disrupt industries to drive greater business outcomes in a distributed and uncertain economic environment.

Globe migrated to SAP as its digital core to address varying systems and technical challenges that caused downtime.  It decommissioned seven legacy systems and implemented various cloud solutions and additional modules to automate manual processes to minimize infrastructure management.

SAP said Globe successfully engineered new ways of staying agile, scalable, and sustainable to achieve stable and reliable systems and uphold business continuity despite the lockdowns.  

“Our migration resulted in savings of 14,200 hours and 99.99% uptime. More importantly, it allowed us to not drop the ball on our enterprise-wide financial tracking and allowed full work-from-home when the pandemic surprised the whole world,” said Globe Chief Finance Officer Rizza Maniego-Eala.

The efforts provided Globe with real-time or near real-time visibility of financial reports and important resources such as inventory, assets, and external services necessary for better decision-making. It also resulted in significant person-hour savings, reduction in full-time equivalent in operations support, and better user experience.

Other benefits include instant conversion to purchase order for catalog items, faster processing of long-running programs, and hours saved by streamlining the budget monitoring processes and manual payment classification for accurate cash flow planning.

"SAP has allowed us to enhance employee experience by enabling our employees to have better use of their time brought about by streamlined processes and work efficiencies. This has empowered our employees to be more productive and has given them more flexibility and control over their work," added Globe Chief Human Resource Officer, Ato Jiao.


Menchit Briones, Financial Control Division Head at Globe said the S/4HANA migration paved the way for the Globe finance transformation journey. “Along with implementing quick wins and standard solutions, the business process reviews helped us identify other opportunities where we can do further automation to achieve touchless finance operations,” she said.

Due to complex business requirements, Globe faced challenges in the availability of accurate and timely data when making critical decisions.  Its operations were also hampered by inefficient and non-value-adding repetitive processing, which caused delays in the execution of important projects.

Other problems include manual processes that led to negative employee experience, business opportunity loss, and other unnecessary expenses.

Globe adapted the SDA (Simple, Digital, Agile) principle for a reduced turnaround time to address the concerns.  This is done through process streamlining and paperless transactions without sacrificing employee experiences.  Globe also enables self-service transactions for procurement, external service acquisition, invoice processing, and employee expense management.

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