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AdSpark Bags Multiple Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards for Globe | Newsroom | Globe

AdSpark Bags Multiple Wins at Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards for Globe Telecom Campaigns

PHOTO CAPTION: The AdSpark team (from left to right)—Onat Roldan, Chief Executive Officer; Chance Del Rosario, Digital Account Manager; Bianca Cammayo, Senior Digital Strategy Manager; Janine Lamarca, Marketing Manager; Joey Flores, Associate Director; and Miki Yuhico, Director

Digital solutions firm AdSpark Inc. was rewarded with major citations from Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards for its collaboration with Globe Telecom on campaigns that utilized the proprietary AdSpark Intelligence (AI) tool to help devise appropriate media strategies.

The Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards began in Manila in 2005 and opened to the Asia Pacific region in 2012. It is organized by the School of Communication of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) in collaboration with industry partners. Tambuli recognizes values that define what a brand stands for and why it exists, portrayed in brand advertising messages such as an upright attitude, behavior, situation, skill, or relationship, that make or change the life of a person, family, or society for the better.

For this year, there were 105 finalists throughout the Asia Pacific Region with winners coming from as far as India and Australia. The #SeeYouTomorrow campaign of Globe and AdSpark bagged three Bronze Awards for Integrated Media, Integrated Digital, and Social Media under the Media & Digital Category. AdSpark also contributed to the Bronze Award for TM EasySURF with Watch & Play under the Humanity & Culture Category - Youth Brand.

“A key component in creating a powerful campaign is having a deep understanding of the audience and establishing a dynamic connection that is difficult to ignore. It can be reflective of consumers’ culture, the challenges they face, and taking a stand on what they are supportive of and passionate about” said Onat Roldan, President and CEO of AdSpark Inc. “This is a great win for both Globe and AdSpark as it highlights our commitment in creating a Globe of Good outside of telecommunications,” added Roldan.

Together with creative agency Publicis JimenezBasic, Globe has produced two video materials, entitled 'Yoya' and 'Training Day' for #SeeYouTomorrow to prompt those suffering from depressive or suicidal episodes as well as their family and friends to call HOPELINE 2919, toll-free for all Globe and TM subscribers, for professional support. The video materials shared a unifying message of hope and creating another day. For its part, AdSpark used its proprietary AI tool in devising a strategy for the media roll-out of both videos and ensure efficient and effective execution.

AdSpark Intelligence was the answer to #SeeYouTomorrow campaign’s sensitive topic as it painted a clear picture of the depressed Filipino in need, ensuring the campaign reached the right audience based on their online consumption habits. From there, strategically selected social media platforms became the key venue for the media distribution.

During the campaign period, there was a 41% increase in calls to HOPELINE 2919 from 7,424 in 2017 to 11,327 in 2018. At the same time, viewership of the videos by the target ideal audience increased by 16%. To date, total calls to the hotline reached 26,769, from only 463 in 2012.

On another awarded campaign, TM worked with J. Walter Thompson Philippines to produce three thematic videos with a creative direction that leveraged on parodies of famous Pinoy product commercials to effectively capture audience’ interest. The videos Hair Goals, Champ Goals, and Cheer Goals were part of  TM's advocacy and commitment to help Filipinos achieve their goals easier, thus the launch of EasySURF aimed at bridging the gap for internet connectivity.

Devising the media strategy and execution, AdSpark was able to help the brand create awareness for EasySURF which provides the masses an affordable and easy-to-get mobile data promo. The mass market was reached and targeted effectively through affinity-based custom layering that banked on the market’s interest. As a result, the EasySURF videos registered over nine million views and 124,000 reactions, the majority of which were overwhelmingly positive. This resulted in a 880% lift in product interest for Hair Goals and 1533% lift in Creative Interest for Championship Goals.

A great creative idea needs a great media plan. Consumption data can tell who are the right people to hit and on what channels count, cost-efficiently. To find out how AdSpark can help reach the target audience, visit the company online at

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