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Globe Promotes Digital Learning with Cebu Technological University - Globe Newsroom

Globe Promotes Digital Learning with Cebu Technological University

In the new normal, the internet is becoming a necessity, especially in educational institutions where online learning is pushed as a means to jumpstart the school year. To ensure students continue on their learning journey, Globe myBusiness has partnered with Cebu Technological University (CTU) by providing custom internet plans for remote learning. 

The partnership enabled CTU to secure multiple direct internet for 15 sites and more than 26,000 Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi units for students and staff. The kits are inclusive of a WiFi modem and a LAN port, free data allocation, as well as access to applications that are valuable in the learning process. 

“My mandate is to ensure that CTU can deliver quality service to our stakeholders by making sure that the General Service Quality Dimensions by Parasuraman and Berry Model are addressed. Moreover, these match our university’s expectations and students' priorities according to tangibles, responsiveness, reliability, empathy” explains Johannes Camasura, the University Director on Automation, Innovation and Computing at CTU. “As a technological university, we envision to automate processes because we aim to innovate and streamline our services to achieve collaborative learning and to prepare our teachers for the 21st-century teaching pedagogy.”

Camasura also adds that through this project with Globe myBusiness, the university is able to successfully adopt a flexible learning system that adheres to the Republic Act 10650: Open Distance Learning Act. By implementing a unified online platform that makes use of cloud-hosting, it becomes a primary collaboration tool for both the students and the faculty. 

#Recreate. The way we learn.

Globe myBusiness is helping institutions integrate technology through mySchoolSURF, a lineup of internet promos designed to help students and instructors. mySchoolSURF plans start at P199, which comes with 34GB of data allocation valid for seven days, when paired with a Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi device.

All plans come with 4GB daily data allocations for pre-defined apps useful for learning. These include video conferencing tools like Zoom, and research and productivity platforms such as Office 365, Canva, Blackboard, and Course Hero. Plans also come with access to instant messaging apps like Viber, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. Institutions can allot data for other platforms for exams, special projects, or other learning needs.

By bridging teachers to information and technology that enable continuous learning, especially during times of crisis, Globe myBusiness continues to prove itself an invaluable partner in promoting 21st Century Learning and in improving resilience in education.

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