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First-of-Its-Kind UX Design Curriculum – Globe Newsroom

KodeGo, UXPH team up for first-of-its-kind UX design curriculum

Edutech company KodeGo of Globe’s 917Ventures and User Experience Philippines (UXPH) design community have teamed up for a first-of-its-kind UX design curriculum to equip students with essential skills to succeed in the industry.

With the proprietary UX curriculum, students can learn the fundamentals of user experience design through KodeGo’s short-term, fully online tech boot camps.  The course is open to undergraduates, college graduates, and even career shifters for zero upfront fees.

"KodeGo's core mission has always been to make Filipino lives better by democratizing education and providing rewarding employment opportunities. We believe that our partnership with UXPH brings us one step closer to our goal of making quality education more accessible to Filipinos,” said Fam Alonto, Venture Builder at 917Ventures.

KodeGo bridges the gap between job seekers and the global demand for tech talent. Aspiring IT professionals can get hired in as fast as 12 weeks after completing KodeGo’s intensive 12 or 16-week training on UX Design, Full Stack Web Development, or Mobile App Development.  

On the other hand, UXPH leads collaborative technology and design-driven initiatives through events, conferences, and programs and serves as a hub for sharing information and resources. It has over 4,000 local and international members.

“As the largest non-profit community for UX professionals, students and enthusiasts, UXPH wants to make this vision a reality with the right partner, and that’s KodeGo. “We have developed a curriculum combining experiences and insights from corporate and startup industries and academia. We believe that this curriculum will help nurture the next generation of design-driven professionals who will all work together for a better country,” shared Jordan Aiko Deja, Director at UXPH. 

In KodeGo’s UX Design course, students are introduced to the basics of user experience and the human-centered design process.  They also go through the core modules which include topics like visual design, prototyping, and evaluation. 

At the end of the course, students can already produce a complete design product and an extensive personal portfolio. They will also have the capacity to take on leadership roles.

The first UX design boot camp started last July 29 and is set to be completed in late November this year. 

“UXPH and KodeGo share the vision of making UX education as accessible as possible towards a design-mature society. We look forward to seeing more competent professionals who have been trained with the right mindset and equipped with the needed skills to build the next generation of experiences and digital products,” said Ely Apao, Founder of UXPH.

"At KodeGo, we strive to make an impact in the tech and education sectors and redefine the ways Filipinos can achieve professional success. With our collaboration with UXPH, we can amplify our capacity to uplift lives with in-demand education and produce a new breed of tech and design-empowered Filipinos,” said Cristina Gervasio, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at KodeGo. 

Aside from tech courses, KodeGo provides career assistance to its graduates by connecting them with over 150 company partners in various industries, including Asticom, Accenture, and Xurpas.

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