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The Best Seats on the Best Eats, Now Guaranteed with SEATS | Newsroom | Globe

The Best Seats on the Best Eats, Now Guaranteed with SEATS

The revolutionary restaurant reservation app partners with farm-to-fork pioneer, Earth Kitchen

In a country where 25% of the population would rather dine out than whip up their own meals at home, homegrown restaurant reservation apps such as SEATS are sure to be a swiping success.

SEATS has made securing tables at even the most popular restaurants as simple as a click with its easy to use interface and quick access to hundreds of wining and dining establishments in the Metro.

As the holiday season kicks in, SEATS goes back to its roots by cementing a partnership with another revered dining institution. Earth Kitchen is one of the founders of the farm to fork dining movement in the Philippines. With a number of indigenous farming community partners like Got Heart Foundation, Earth Kitchen only utilize locally-yield and freshly-grown produce that not only adds zest and flavor to their delectable menu but also supports the agricultural economy of the Philippine countryside.

Under the culinary toque of celebrated caterers, Hizon's Catering, Earth Kitchen’s hearty and healthful dishes have, for years, gained a strong and loyal following at its Katipunan Avenue store. And having recently broken ground in the Metro’s most bustling commercial hub, the new Earth Kitchen store at the Bonifacio High Street is sure to win even more green-minded and green-hearted diners.

This is where SEATS once again comes in handy, by guaranteeing sure-seat reservations at BGC’s fast growing and thriving farm-to-table restaurant, just as well as a whole world of dining establishments to choose from.

And with your Globe Postpaid Plan, you are sure to discover more great finds to match your lifestyle, with much ease, speed, and freedom, because nothing beats getting the best seat in the house.

To know more about SEATS, please visit or download the app via the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

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