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Asticom Provides Job Opportunities Amid the Pandemic - Globe Newsroom

Asticom Provides Job Opportunities Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic has caused a lot of businesses to shut down, downgrade their operations, or rethink their strategies. This prompted support and shared service provider Asticom Technology to redouble its efforts to offer more opportunities that would generate jobs suited to what the market currently needs.  

Various initiatives such as Project Alalay, an online platform for talents searching for employment opportunities, allowed Asticom to provide job opportunities for Filipinos even amid trying times.

As a result, despite government restrictions especially during the first few months of the community quarantine, Asticom was able to open 2,814 opportunities to job seekers, a quarter of which were given to fresh graduates, employees with no prior working experience, and skilled workers. These range from a wide variety of specializations that may be categorized under IT, sales & marketing, engineering, and other administrative support functions. 

“Asticom is all about bridging people to businesses and connecting businesses to the right teams. We are doing this shift to managed services in order to bring better value to our partnerships and help fulfill our clients’ aspirations,” said Mharicar Castillo -Reyes, Asticom President and CEO.

She added: “We see the growing need of businesses for a more flexible approach that will alleviate management burdens.  While there are still companies which need staff augmentation, many enterprises are now seeking productivity-driven services composed of a team of experts to handle special projects.”

Thus, more than ever, Asticom is prioritizing a holistic approach by upskilling its people and managing business operations to adapt to the new normal.

Asticom provides shared services from entry-level to managerial roles to a multitude of industries including telecommunications, financial technology, information technology, retail, health, logistics, automotive, banking, education, real estate, and aviation. 

Due to the pandemic and changes in consumer behavior, Asticom has seen a surge in roles within customer experience, mobile, and web-enterprise application development, but also functions within warehousing and logistics support.  

Asticom celebrated its 5th anniversary earlier this year and recognized 183 employees who have been with the company from the beginning. 

As a shared service company under the Globe Group, Asticom also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UNSDG No. 8 which promotes decent work and economic growth by requiring societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs. 

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