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AVIA Announces New Members | Newsroom | Globe

AVIA Announces New Members

Globe Telecom joins AVIA with Netflix, strengthening industry commitment by joining the CAP Steering Committee

Hong Kong—The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) recently announced that Netflix has joined as a Patron member, alongside Globe Telecom as a Corporate member, strengthening the mandate of the association to represent the interests of companies across the broader video industry in Asia.

Additionally, in joining AVIA, Netflix has increased their role in supporting the industry by committing to become a Steering Committee member for the Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)—piracy being one of the central pillars of the newly refocused Association.

CAP is at the forefront of fighting piracy through enforcement and disruption of intermediaries in the piracy chain, along with government and consumer outreach. AVIA is also a supporter of Globe’s Play It Right campaign to discourage video piracy.

“As we create new forms of content, this is an opportunity for Globe to enhance synergy with other key stakeholders in the global entertainment industry”, said Globe President and CEO, Ernest Cu. “Through AVIA, we will ensure that our customers get the full benefit of our partnerships. In addition, this will help strengthen our advocacy of protecting original content providers against piracy.”

Louis Bowell, AVIA CEO, further stated, “It is clear that whatever part of the video industry you come from, there are concerns about the growing threat from video piracy, and there is a need to have farsighted policies to foster growth. I am delighted that we will be able to work together with Netflix and Globe Telecom on these crucial issues for our industry”.

AVIA is open to companies who care about the future of the video industry in the Asia-Pacific and want to be part of a community of like-minded, responsible companies who work to make the industry stronger and healthier. Please visit for information on how to join.

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