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Concati and Kodego Host 1st API Hackathon - Globe Newsroom

917Ventures’ Tech Startups Concati, Kodego Host 1st API Hackathon

Concati and KodeGo, tech startups under Globe venture builder 917Ventures, spearheaded their first Application Programming Interface (API) hackathon on August 4 to 6.

Elevate: API Hackathon challenged KodeGo students to hone their coding expertise by making a solution, platform, or app using Concati’s API products. 

The hackathon ran for 48 hours, with 15 KodeGo participants divided into five teams with three members each. Participants came up with various outputs, including e-commerce, scheduling, and social networking platforms. 

The grand winner of Elevate, Team 5, with members Rico Estribo Guinanao, Mark Edson Rico, and Leo Jomar Reyes, created a social networking platform called TellMe where users can post confessions anonymously. The winning team was able to integrate several APIs, including Concati’s– OTP Service, User Service, Consent Management, and Feedback Service– while competitors managed to use 3 or less in their output.

Winning teams received cash prizes. 

“This API hackathon gave students a hands-on opportunity to develop their coding skills by using Concati APIs, which is a valuable addition to their tech stack. Additionally, we see how KodeGo is playing a part in developing the skills of our students and making a positive impact on their lives even before they graduate.,” said Ina Gervasio, KodeGo Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

Launched in April, Concati is a one-stop API hub that offers a wide collection of APIs to integrate into digital solutions designed for Philippine customers and use cases. 

It has 13 APIs: Address Service, Centralized Logistics, Consent Management, Feedback Service, Inventory Service, Leaderboard and Missions, Maintenance Service, OTP Service, Push Notifications, Referral Service, Scheduling Service, Voucher Service, and User Service. 

Meanwhile, KodeGo offers full-time Information Technology (IT) courses and end-to-end career assistance and support for students. The following classes start on Aug. 31: full-stack web developer (both full-time and part-time) and UX design (part-time). 

Those interested may check for more details.

Concati also recently launched the Insights Page, the newest feature on its website Interested customers may download the “Connect with the Digital World Fast through APIs” whitepaper for free by sending their name, email address, company, and designation. 

Concati subscribers will receive free 500 credits upon signing up and may immediately explore the API hub and begin testing. 

KodeGo and Concati share the goal of changing the landscape of technology by training web developers and developing APIs. The two companies are under Globe’s 917Ventures, currently the Philippines’ largest corporate venture builder. 

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