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Globe Calls for Support to Vulnerable Communities Amid the Pandemic - Globe Newsroom

Globe Calls for Support to Vulnerable Communities Amid the Pandemic

Support Walang Iwanan Alliance through Globe Rewards points 

Despite this debilitating COVID-19 pandemic that affects many countries around the world, Globe continues to find ways to empower every Filipino to help provide support to the marginalized and most vulnerable communities in the country, starting with Metro Manila.

Globe has partnered with Walang Iwanan Alliance, a new citizen-led initiative that seeks to mitigate the effects of poverty and hunger among communities amid the current situation. This is part of Globe’s ongoing initiatives to assist those whose means of livelihood were gravely affected by COVID-19.

“We’re already well into the sixth month of community quarantines and still, many don’t see yet the end of this pandemic in sight, thus, Globe does not stop helping the government and the rest of the nation in combating the lack of access to healthcare, education and livelihood, particularly among disadvantaged communities. More and more Filipinos are in need of support so we hope that those who can still share their points will still do so,” says Joey Kilayko, Head of Globe Rewards.

The most basic problem among the disadvantaged communities when it came to the direct effects of COVID-19 was not just about the threat of the virus but about having food on the table for their family, especially the children, since many heads of families are unable to work due to the community quarantine.

According to the latest surveys conducted by SWS, hunger incidence doubled in early July to around 20% of the population, particularly in Metro Manila. With a 15 million population, this means about three million are experiencing involuntary hunger.

“Many people are still hungry as their means of livelihood disappeared because of the lockdowns, and the number is still growing. As many businesses closed shop, it meant lesser chances for employment. No work means no money to buy food, and no food means families go hungry. It’s a simple and basic equation but a hard and bitter pill to swallow,” Jose Ma. Montelibano, Spokesperson of Walang Iwanan Alliance, pointed out.

The partnership between Globe and Walang Iwanan Alliance does not seek to solve the hunger problem but to mitigate it by empowering every Filipino to contribute in providing food to those who badly need it. The aim is to help 100,000 families with two rounds of meal support.

Walang Iwanan Alliance will take care of identifying the most vulnerable communities within the National Capital Region (NCR) and then coordinate with the local government units and affected barangays for efficient distribution. 

Initial target areas in NCR are mostly the densely populated ones with identified vulnerable and underserved communities, which includes, Mandaluyong, Parañaque, Quezon City, Pasig (plus adjacent portions of Marikina City), Pateros, Caloocan, and Manila.

Globe will support 5,000 families starting with Mandaluyong and Parañaque - two of the seven identified areas by Walang Iwanan Alliance. Globe also enjoins its subscribers to donate their Globe Rewards points to Walang Iwanan Alliance starting September 17, 2020. Each point donated is equivalent to Php1. The amount collected will then be used to buy meals worth approximately Php25 each or PhP875 per family of five, good for 1 week of meal support. To donate, open or download the Globe Rewards App through this link and click on the Walang Iwanan Alliance badge to redeem with points.  

Walang Iwanan Alliance is more than just a simple feeding program but a platform that supports and expands existing efforts, including distribution by barangays. By optimizing existing networks and consolidating inputs (donations) and outputs (feeding of vulnerable communities), the Alliance can reach economies of scale to give it a fighting chance to mitigate the hunger that the 3 million people currently feel.

As a purpose-led organization, Globe combines innovation with the power of collaboration to achieve inclusive and sustainable development for all. The company commits to contribute to ten (10) UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)

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