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Globe Group on SONA: Economic Recovery, Universal Connectivity, Inclusive Growth - Globe Newsroom

Globe Group on SONA: A Comprehensive Roadmap Towards Economic Recovery, Universal Connectivity, Inclusive Growth

The first State of the Nation Address of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is a comprehensive roadmap towards economic recovery and inclusive growth, providing an encouraging glimpse into how the new administration intends to manage state affairs in the coming years. 

As the Philippines’ leading digital solutions platform, Globe, which is part of the presidential advisory group, is heartened by the President’s vision of a nation that follows a track of sustainable and inclusive development, where businesses thrive, intellectual property rights are protected, climate risks are mitigated, and Filipinos are given equitable access to opportunities to reach their own aspirations. 

The President’s 19-point legislative agenda, which aims to foster economic progress, uplift the poor, and carry the country through lingering pandemic setbacks is well-aligned with Globe’s long-standing programs. 

“The Globe Group lauds the President’s grounded take on the state of the nation and his plan on how to collectively overcome current challenges as the country comes out of the worst of the pandemic. As we have always been, Globe is the government’s enduring partner towards attaining national goals aimed at improving the lives of every Filipino,” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu.

For one, Globe supports the administration’s goal to digitalize government processes and provide universal connectivity across the country, having the Philippines’ most reliable mobile network.

Globe has also been at the forefront of introducing pioneering digital solutions to address various pain points in daily life, whether in personal finance, entertainment, education or healthcare.

“The administration can count on the universe of Globe’s digital solutions– from new technologies our core telco business offers to our portfolio companies in fintech healthtech, edutech and more– to provide innovative services to make its digitalization and connectivity goals a reality,” he said.

Globe also fully supports the President’s call for an e-commerce law that aims to protect consumer rights, data privacy and intellectual property. 

Being in the creative industries, Globe has long been promoting the online anti-piracy program #PlayItRight, which aims  to protect intellectual property of content creators and shield the public from risks linked to consuming pirated digital content. 

Globe has invested in technology to block illegal sites and filter out dangerous fraud-linked content. It is also closely working with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and the Asia Video Industry Association to intensify its online anti-piracy campaign.

Globe also lauds the Executive’s vow to improve the country’s energy mix, eyeing a greater shift to renewable energy. It fully supports the President’s call to amend the EPIRA law, reiterating its call to lower the threshold for businesses, including those with low energy utilization facilities, to access various energy sources, especially clean energy. 

This is in line with Globe’s strategy towards achieving Net Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 through network decarbonization efforts across the country, which aims to support climate change mitigation efforts. 

“The President’s SONA very much echoes Globe’s long existing programs on digital enablement, intellectual property and clean energy, reflecting our shared goal to see a Filipino nation admired. This fuels our fire in consistently bringing reliable services and solutions towards digital enablement,” said Cu.

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