Globe Holds Volunteer Clean-Up Drive after Kadayawan Festivities

Continuing its commitment to environmental sustainability and creating a #GlobeOfGood, Globe organized a clean-up drive on August 20, 2018 at Kadayawan Festival in Davao.

The clean-up drive was held after the TM Republikaravan concert of Silent Sanctuary at the Roxas Concert Grounds. Attended by some 3,500 revelers, the rocking concert was part of the #GlobeKadayawan festivities along with other fun activities and tons of freebies for festival goers.

Fifty Globe employees, security personnel, and festival goers volunteered to collect the trash that was left after the concert. They were able to collect 15 trash bags each weighing approximately 50 lbs and containing wrappers, food wastes, plastics, bottles, and more.

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