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Globe Reiterates Commitment to Future-Proof Network Against Natural Disasters - Globe Newsroom

Globe Reiterates Commitment to Future-Proof Network Against Natural Disasters, Climate-Related Hazards

Globe reiterates its commitment to build a resilient network designed to withstand natural disasters and climate-related hazards. This commitment will, in turn, give Filipinos reliable lines of communications, especially during calamities.

“The standards in the Philippines have gone up because of the many learnings brought by natural disasters and climate change. We have to make adjustments so that our network is at par with the new standards. These efforts will protect not only our structures but also the availability of our services to our customers especially in times when they need connectivity the most,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.  

To future-proof its network against climate-related hazards, Globe began to implement key factors in its network operations. These include investing into building better network infrastructure and newer technologies; redesigning and retrofitting of its cell towers which are along typhoon-prone areas; and equipping key sites that provide crucial roles in its entire network. These sites include those which are first to recover and last to be disrupted once a natural disaster occurs.

“A resilient network means a network that never fails as much as possible. Kailangan matibay at maaasahan. Globe has always stood on principles of agility and efficiency. To be quick to pivot whenever necessary. Pag andyan na ang bagyo ready na kami, wala nang tulugan yan,” explained Peter Tan, Globe SVP for Network Operations.

Globe is also fortifying its transport facilities and complementing backup batteries with higher capacity gensets to address commercial power outages to overcome concerns usually brought up by the effects of natural calamities and climate change. 

Since Typhoon Yolanda, the government has implemented stricter requirements that all major installations can withstand super typhoon levels of up to 260 to 340 kilometers per hour and 7.0 intensity earthquake based on the National Structural Code of the Philippines.

“It has been said that this is the last generation that can actually help save the planet. Companies should make a very visible move towards environmental conservation. Not only companies but also this generation should be the ones to initiate and make important decisions for future generations,” added Cu.

Globe continues its builds and upgrades in key areas around the country.  It is also ramping efforts to have 4G LTE everywhere and 5G in more areas.  Globe is aggressively replacing old technologies like 3G and copper cables. 

Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) particularly UN SDG No. 9 that highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development.

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