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Globe Sends Pre-Owned Laptops to Various Public Schools - Globe Newsroom

To Support Distance Learning, Globe Sends Pre-Owned Laptops to Various Public Schools

With the adoption of distance education this coming school year,  internet connectivity and personal computers, laptops or tablets become essential requirements for teaching and studying.  However, not all schools are sufficiently equipped with the information and communications technology (ICT) tools necessary for effective learning.

This situation prompted Globe to look for ways to help educational institutions with the ICT tools they need while at the same time, remain aligned with the company's sustainability programs such as electronic waste management and 21st century education and teacher training.

For this initiative, Globe utilizes the laptops which employees normally return upon separation from the company or after three years of use.  So far, Globe has delivered 10 pre-owned laptops to San Vicente National High School in Baguio City, seven units to San Pedro Elementary School in Sasmuan, Pampanga, and 32 units to the DepEd Division in Cagayan de Oro City for use of Cadayonan Elementary School, Donggoan Elementary School, Iba Elementary School and Magayad Elementary School.

“Instead of disposing the pre-owned  laptops when many Filipinos have no access to a computer, we decided to refurbish the units and give them a new purpose to schools. This way, we are able to help our teachers and students as well as extend the usable life of the devices,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP for Corporate Communications.

To this, San Pedro ES Principal II Rodolfo Sibug, Jr., said: “This donation is pivotal to the delivery of basic quality education to our clientele as we embrace the challenges of the new normal.  This will perfectly aid and assist our teachers in the preparation of teaching materials.”

On the other hand, the laptops sent to Cadayonan ES, Donggoan ES, Iba ES and Magayad ES, shall be used to store and play locally produced video clips for each learning activity sheet included in the self-learning module. The units shall be brought from one sitio to another to allow learners and parents to view the video lessons to make learning meaningful.

DepEd CDO Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Cherry Mae Limbaco said  Cadayonan ES, for instance,  only has one available laptop for the learners and teachers. To accommodate everyone and provide them with the opportunity to be exposed to ICT instruction, DepEd is converting one classroom for ICT which the students who live nearby will use while face-to-face classes are not allowed.

Globe has been helping uplift the state of the country’s educational system through ICT integration in public schools nationwide. Launched in 2012, its Global Filipino Schools program which is part of a long-term partnership between Globe and DepEd,  has already benefited over 340,000 students and 12,000  teachers in 215 partner schools in 17 regions across the Philippines.

In relation to this, Globe also has a Global Filipino Teacher (GFT) Training Program that focuses on 21st Century skills needed by public school teachers including digital literacy and overall capacity-building to maximize the digital tools available to them.

Globe has also introduced eWaste Zero, a recovery and recycling program in 2014.  It ensures that electronic waste like old mobile phones, broken chargers, discarded laptops and other gadgets and peripherals do not end up in landfills where they may release toxic chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment.

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