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Globe Taps Stakeholders to Create Sustainable Future for PH - Globe Newsroom

Globe Taps Stakeholders to Create Sustainable Future for PH

The global landscape is experiencing environmental risks of unprecedented scale and magnitude, with the Philippines as one of the most vulnerable to climate hazards.

While these mounting risks have signaled a sense of urgency for all corporate players to actively build operational resilience, it also provides an immense opportunity for corporations to tap into new ways of doing things for a sustainable future.

Globe recognizes this opportunity and through its core business, the company envisions the facilitation of individual customers and industries as a whole to use the power of digitization and connectivity to reduce carbon footprint.

At the same time, Globe recognizes the impact its operations and expansion activities have on nature, thus, it leverages its vast sphere of influence encompassing employees, customers, suppliers, and communities to galvanize action on the targets set for environmental conservation.

“It has been said that this is the last generation that can actually help save the planet. Companies should make a very visible move towards environmental conservation. Not only companies but also this generation of employees should be the ones to initiate all this and make that important move for the future generations,” said Globe President and CEO Ernest L. Cu.

Globe’s environmental stewardship is governed by its Environmental Sustainability Policy which defines the contours of the company’s environmental sustainability agenda. This policy is periodically reviewed to ensure alignment to current global and national environmental best practices.

Globe designs various initiatives to actualize the vision set in the policy and has so far achieved carbon neutrality for its select corporate offices, deployed 6,948 Green Network Solutions such as fuel cells systems, direct current hybrid generators, free cooling system and lithium-ion batteries; planted 627,226 seedlings since 2010 and encourages customers to join via donations to key partners; saved 655 tons of paper from 40.9 million customers who availed of paperless billing; and recycled over 343,000 kilograms of electronic waste mainly composed of broken mobile phones, computers, and other gadgets from its operations, employees, partners and customers and diverted over 10% waste from landfills. 

Globe’s approach to waste management focuses on waste minimization at source, effective waste segregation, and safe disposal of waste.  It banned single-use plastics within its headquarters and embarked on an employee education campaign called WASSUP (‘Wag Sa Single Use Plastic) aimed at educating employees on the impacts of plastics on the environment.

Likewise, to decarbonize its operations and enhance clean energy procurement, the company shifted to buying power directly from power plants producing renewable energy in 2019 as well as engaged partners for potential implementation of renewable energy solutions like solar panels and fuel cells within its operations.

Globe also encourages employees to limit the use of motorized vehicles for business commuting through the introduction of telecommuting, flexible work arrangement, and carpooling.

Meanwhile, Globe is dedicated to contributing to the preservation of the invaluable biodiversity of the Philippines through awareness building and social innovation and spearheaded a program focusing on marine biodiversity conservation.

All these initiatives are the results of the company’s climate strategy that assessed various facets of its operations, dedicated to making meaningful contributions to anchor the Philippines’s vision towards decarbonizing the economy by 70% by 2030.

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