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Globe Telecom Holds Boracay Workshop on Marine Conservation, Sustainable Business Practices | Newsroom | Globe

Globe Telecom Holds Boracay Workshop on Marine Conservation, Sustainable Business Practices

PHOTO CAPTION: Boracay stakeholders during the marine conservation workshop

Boracay may have opened again for international and local tourists to enjoy, but local leaders and authorities are still keeping an eye on businesses to ensure that all enterprises remain compliant to environmental policies and that new measures to preserve this highly popular destination are strictly followed.

Thus, in support of the government’s efforts, Globe Telecom, together with Save Philippine Seas (SPS), facilitated a one-day marine biodiversity workshop for some 30 business stakeholders, including hotel and owners of various establishments in the island.

In response, participants pledged their commitment to implement immediately the sustainable practices they learned at the workshop.

Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP for Corporate Communications said, “We work with the community to promote environment-friendly practices so that collectively, we can contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).”

She added: “Boracay Island is a Philippine pride. All stakeholders in Boracay have a responsibility to preserve its pristine beauty. One truly impactful way of achieving this is by actively participating in its conservation. Our awareness campaign and workshops resonate with our mission to responsibly manage our environmental impacts by implementing sustainable practices—with the intention of improving the lives of the local communities.”

The event was graced by top marine experts like Boracay Marine Biologist Haron Deo Vargas who continues to lead efforts in saving turtles found within the island's waters.

Essential points of the workshop included sharing the current Philippine environmental situation and how business establishments can integrate sustainable best practices into their day-to-day operations.

The workshop also discussed simple but conscious efforts that go a long way in helping save one of the world’s most beautiful beaches from further damage. These include offering refillable containers for personal care products for guests to use in hotels and resorts; encouraging guests to bring reusable shopping bags and utensils; refraining from using sand, seashells, corals, and sea stars as decorations; avoiding balloon or lantern releases; and avoiding the use of all single-use plastics like straws, to name a few.

This is the second time that a marine biodiversity workshop was initiated by Globe in Boracay. The first effort was held in July for teachers, student leaders, and local government unit officials.

Globe Telecom has committed to contribute to the 10 UN Sustainable Development Goals, which include (11) sustainable cities and communities, (12) responsible production and consumption, and (14) life below water.

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