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Globe Welcomes Kumu to #UniteVsHunger – Globe Newsroom

Globe Welcomes Kumu to #UniteVsHunger with The Hapag Movement

Globe welcomes Kumu, the largest Pinoy social entertainment app, as its new partner joining the Hapag Movement.

Image of Globe and Kumu partnership in support of the Hapag Movement

#UniteVsHunger: Globe and Kumu partnership in support of the Hapag Movement. Pictured (L-R) are Diana Dayao, Head of CSR for Kumu; Victoria Herrera, VP of Marketing for Kumu; Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer; and Apple Evangelista, Head of Sustainability for Globe.

The alliance marks the Hapag Movement's first official digital platform collaboration, providing an additional channel for its #UniteVsHunger campaign to raise awareness about food insecurity, and make it easier for people to send support to those in need.

"Our vision behind the Hapag Movement is to bring nation-builders together to achieve sustainable and inclusive development, leveraging technology to democratize their ability to help.  With Kumu signing up as our first-ever digital and social platform partner, we can scale the reach of the campaign, uniting more Filipinos across the world to stand behind this worthy cause," said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer.

Proudly Filipino-made, Kumu has become the largest Pinoy social entertainment app since it launched in 2018.  It embodies the warmth and fun-loving spirit of Filipinos, amplified by its unique innovations in livestreaming and social media. The current estimate for Kumu is more than 15 million app downloads globally and around 60 million livestreams watched per month.

"From Day 1, Kumu's mission has always been to champion Filipino voices from across the world. We are honored to mobilize our platform in support of the Hapag Movement and share its vision of uplifting Filipino lives through supplemental feeding and livelihood. With our large overseas Filipino user base, we know the Filipino diaspora will be moved to lend a hand to kababayans in need," said Diana Dayao, Kumu’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The partnership between Globe and Kumu was formalized after the successful run of GMusicFest on Kumu in September this year as part of Globe’s GDay celebration. It mobilized Kumu users to donate Kumu diamonds during the GMusicFest stream to support the Hapag Movement’s cause.

Being the leading purveyor of digital services, Globe leverages technology's influence and power to drive social good. It acknowledges that the fight against hunger is a formidable undertaking requiring collaboration across various sectors.

The Hapag Movement helps address the problem of involuntary hunger and joblessness affecting millions of low-income Filipinos by connecting multi-sectoral partners and mobilizing local and international donations from multiple sources.

"The Hapag Movement is lifting barriers for people who want to help our beneficiary communities in need. In the same way, we are lifting the barriers for families experiencing hunger to make a viable living through the livelihood training we provide," Crisanto said.

The advocacy’s community support includes food distribution programs in the most disadvantaged communities, capacity-building sessions for upskilling and micro-entrepreneurship, provision of seed capital through microlending to jumpstart livelihood activities, and access to employment opportunities via partner companies.

Aside from Kumu, Globe customers and partners may send their donations to the Hapag Movement using GCash, Globe Rewards via the GlobeOne app, and credit cards through the Globe of Good website.

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