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GoWiFi Powers Bulacan State University | Newsroom | Globe

GoWiFi Powers Bulacan State University

PHOTO CAPTION: GoWiFi powers Bulacan State University. L-R: Globe Executive Vice President for Channel Management Bernie Llamzon; Bulacan State University President Dr. Cecilia Bascon; Globe Chief Commercial Officer Albert de Larrazabal; Globe myBusiness Head Derrick Heng; and WiFi Business Group Director Adrian Te

Globe activates WiFi access and rolls out Digital Thumbprint Program for all students

Globe has launched its GoWiFi service in Bulacan State University Malolos, allowing students to experience a fast and reliable internet connection from the country’s top mobile brand.

Bulacan State University, one of the biggest universities in terms of student population, has a total of 35,000 students for the Malolos campus alone, and a total of 42,000 students across all campuses. GoWiFi now equips Bulacan State University and other academic institutions to support the online needs of its students.

“We can consider the internet as an extended classroom for our students. With the number of resources available online, we want to make it accessible for students to access the internet at high speeds to research, finish their assignments, and further educate themselves,” shares Globe Chief Commercial Officer Albert de Larrazabal.

GoWiFi is a premium public WiFi service, which has over 1,000 locations and 10,000 access points in the Philippines. Users are given free minutes daily of high-speed internet access to browse social media, check emails, watch videos, and download files through a secure WiFi connection. It is available to all users regardless of network provider and is compatible with any WiFi-enabled device

To enjoy the service, students must simply connect to the @BulSU_FreeGoWiFi network, wait for the GoWiFi portal to pop up (or open their browser), and then click the "GO" button.

Alongside GoWiFi, Globe will also roll out its Digital Thumbprint Program at the university to educate students on digital citizenship, or the responsible use of the internet. In partnership with Optus and Singtel, and co-designed with the Karrikins Group, the program aims to shed light on common issues like cyberbullying and identity theft.

The workshop is composed of three modules that helps students discern proper online behavior (Digital Insight), analyze technology's impact on students' social activities (Digital Impact), and equip them with skills to harness technology to achieve their goals (Digital Ambition).

To date, the program has taught 15,821 public and private high school students, and 1,627 public high school teachers.

With GoWiFi and the Digital Thumbprint Program, more students are now equipped with high-speed internet to complement their education and uphold values that respect the dignity of each person online.

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