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Interactive Tech, Webinars Boost Globe Employee Well-Being Despite Distance - Globe Newsroom

Interactive Tech, Webinars Boost Globe Employee Well-Being Despite Distance

Stress and the anxieties of the pandemic’s unprecedented challenges may be managed by adequate guidance both in the home and at work. Globe acknowledges that alongside staying physically healthy is the need for proper mental health which is why it has deployed several digital tools to support its employees.  

At the start of the pandemic, Globe deployed a chatbot called Digital Usher for Disasters and Emergencies (DUDE) in 2020. DUDE serves as an official COVID-19 health monitor wherein employees may report symptoms and receive immediate assistance from the dedicated COVID-19 response team. It likewise makes daily health checks and provides the latest information on COVID-19 through links to official health news resources for employees.


Through DUDE, employees also have direct access to mental health professionals for counseling. This is made possible through Hopechat, a secure chat service that links users to licensed mental health professionals so they can consult about their fears, anxieties, and concerns with ease and confidence. The text-based nature of the service also allows for a more approachable introduction to counseling, versus face-to-face or video sessions. Almost 700 employees have availed of Hopechat’s service as of April this year, since its launch in July 2020. 


The creation of DUDE spurred a “bot revolution” within Globe, giving rise to other innovative chat bots. One such notable bot is Wanda, our recognition bot. Wanda enabled employees to send special e-cards to one another, enabling them to nurture Globe’s culture of recognition even while working apart.

Bridging employees and experts

In terms of guided learning and interactive wellness sessions, a series of webinars was developed for employees to learn more about mental health issues and how to address them effectively. These webinars were conducted by some of the country’s leading mental health experts.

“The webinar was clear enough and represents how I actually feel, and about how loneliness affects a person. I like how Doc Gia explained the topic well, the examples on how you can cope up with loneliness, etc,” one of the employees who attended a session said.

There have been seven mental health webinars conducted since 2020, with more scheduled this year. These efforts have allowed Globe employees to become more aware of the impact of mental health on overall wellness. The increase in attendees over time shows that the need for overall wellness is something that one needs to get through the pandemic.

Some other initiatives done in the past year were the Meeting Etiquette tips, which set guidelines for meeting times and frequency, to improve work-life balance and make meetings more manageable. This was followed up by the Thursdays by the Desk, which discourages meetings every Thursday afternoon, to make way for more meaningful, uninterrupted work.

These wellness programs were also augmented by The Good Vibes Club, a virtual variety show that enabled employees to foster an online community after work hours. It covers a wide range of topics including mental health, stress, and even SOGIE, all packaged in a fun and heartwarming way.

“We take care not only of our customers and communities but above all we take care of the people we employ. Given the various mobile and digital solutions within our reach, we make productive and proactive use of technology to develop tools that could positively impact the people closest to us, our employees,” shared Ato Jiao, Globe Chief Human Resources Officer. 

Through these health and wellness initiatives, Globe reinforces its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 3 for good health and well-being for all. The company also supports the UN Global Compact principles and contributes to 10 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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