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Globe Paves Way for Our Lady of Manaoag Devotees To Continue Pilgrimage, Business Online - Globe Newsroom

Globe Paves Way for Our Lady of Manaoag Devotees To Continue Pilgrimage, Business Online

The Our Lady of Manaoag Church in Pangasinan has welcomed hundreds of thousands of devotees. As the pandemic restricted movement decreasing the number of visitors on-site, Globe has paved the way for devotees and vendors in the area to continue their devotions and attend masses online, thanks to improved internet connectivity.

The telco continues to upgrade its sites and improve its network infrastructure to fulfill its commitment to have a 4G LTE, 5G-ready network. 

Nakakatulong — malakas ang naitutulong ng cell site kasi kahit nasaan ka, pwede kang mag manood, mag-misa kahit saan. (It helps — a cell site strongly helps because wherever you are, you may watch online masses anywhere),” said Dolores Villanueva, a Manaoag devotee and vendor, who is able to attend online masses even while watching over her shop.

Globe’s aggressive network expansion, which included the upgrading of 10,876 sites to 4G/LTE, has significantly improved the Philippines’ 4G experience even during peak hours. This was evident in a report of international mobile analytics firm Opensignal covering August to October 2020*, which showed the Globe network’s significant improvements in 4G Download Speeds, 4G Latency Experience, and 4G Video Experience. 

In terms of 4G Download Speeds, Opensignal found that Globe peaks at over 19 Mbps with average 4G Download Speeds observed by users over the course of the day being more than sufficient for web browsing and apps usage. For Latency Experience, Globe is likewise inching closer to competition with its best score peaking at a low of 36ms (lower score is better) within the day. According to the report, Latency “is a measure of the time it takes for data packets to travel across the network between a user’s mobile phone and the servers that host mobile apps and websites.” 

Globe’s 4G Video Experience is likewise pulling up consistently with a maximum score of 50. 4G Video Experience measures network quality for streaming HD or SD videos on platforms like Youtube and other video-on-demand apps.

Diretso ‘yung panonood ko. Umpisa hanggang sa matapos ang misa. (I can watch straight, from the start until the end of the mass),” added Villanueva.

Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9 which highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Globe is committed to upholding the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles and 10 UN SDGs. 

*Analysis in Opensignal insight “Globe and Smart’s networks withstand daily surges in demand", published in December 2020 © 2021 Opensignal Limited

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