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Positive Societal Impact - Globe

Catalysts of Positive Change

As a purpose-led organization, Globe Telecom seeks to create a wonderful world by combining innovation with the power of collaboration, to achieve inclusive and sustainable development for all. As the business continues to grow, the company strengthens its contribution to nation-building with an engaged and empowered workforce.

TM Sports Para sa Bayan

TM Sports Para Sa Bayan is a program specifically designed to give underprivileged youth a chance to improve their lives and reach their dreams through sports.

Play It Right

As the purveyor of digital entertainment and lifestyle, Globe encourages everyone to firmly stand behind content creators, to respect their hard work and help sustain their jobs and the lives that depend on it.

The advocacy also aims to protect customers against malware and other cybersecurity threats that accompany illegal content.

Globe Future Makers

Globe Future Makers program aims to help build an ecosystem of support for social innovators using technology to solve the Philippines’ most challenging social problems. It is open to start-ups committed to achieving a wide scale positive social impact and using the power of technology to change the world.


Globe provided ICT infrastructure support to HOPELINE. Since 2012, this 24/7 emotional crisis intervention hotline has received and properly endorsed more than 25,000 calls to partner hospitals and psychologists.


Explore More Initiatives

Digital Nation

We make education technology accessible to all and shape responsible digital citizens of tomorrow.

Care for Environment

We enable programs that support climate action and continuing efforts to build the nation.

Care for People

We provide employment opportunities and economic growth within our value chain.