GLOBE Black Friday / Cyber Monday Raffle Promo

In partnership with Johnny Air Plus


  1. Qualification This promo is open to participating Globe subscribers.

  2. Promo Period and Discount:

    1. The raffle period is from November 12 to 20, 2018 only.

    2. Get a chance to win the following prizes when you register for an account at Johnny Air Plus:

      1. 1 winner of P100,000 Amazon Shopping Spree (via Amazon Gift Card)

      2. 5 winners of P10,000 Amazon Shopping Spree (via Amazon Gift Card)

      3. A consolation prize of 50% off shipping with Johnny Air Plus (via signup page)

  3. How to join the raffle

    1. Go to

    2. Fill out the following fields to create a new account:

      1. Email Address

      2. Last Name

      3. First Name

      4. Middle Initial

      5. Date of Birth

      6. Company

      7. Mobile Number

    3. Check the box in “I agree to Johnny Air Plus Terms and Conditions”

    4. Click on Submit button

    5. The user will be contacted by Johnny Air Plus to verify personal information. Users will be asked to submit a copy of their valid ID.

    6. Once submitted, the user automatically earns 1 raffle ticket as a chance to win the prizes.

    7. The user can only qualify for the raffle once by registering an account at Johnny Air Plus.

    8. No purchase or shipping is required to join the raffle.

    9. Johnny Air Plus will be collecting a list of names who qualify for the raffle.

    10. Deadline of submission of entries is on November 20,11: 59 PM.

    11. Employees, partners, and contractors of Johnny Air Plus and Globe Telecom’s Content Business Group are disqualified from joining the raffle.

    12. The user agrees to share the information that they entered on the Johnny Air Plus registration to Globe for the purpose of selecting a winner and contacting the winner.

  4. Raffle Draw

    1. Raffle draw will be held on November 21, at The Globe Tower with Johnny Air Plus and a DTI Representative at 5 PM at the 28F.

    2. A list of eligible contestants’ names will be shared by Johnny Air Plus to Globe Telecom.

    3. The raffle draw will be electronically generated via, where an integer will be assigned for each name given by Johnny Air Plus.

    4. Six winners will be chosen:

      1. 1 winner of P100,000 Amazon Gift Card

      2. 5 winners of P10,000 Amazon Gift Card

      3. The rest of the customers who did not win will be given a consolation prize of 50% off on their Johnny Air Plus shipping.

    5. Winners will be notified via (1) snail mail to their indicated address on their Johnny Air Plus account, (2) via call on their mobile and phone numbers, and (3) via text message on November 21.

    6. Consolation prize winners will be notified via text message on November 21.

    7. A winner may only win once during the raffle.

    8. The winners will bear the cost of any taxes related to the receipt of the prizes they win.

    9. Winners may not convert their prize to cash.

  5. Prize Specifications and Terms & Conditions Grand Prize: Amazon Gift Cards

    1. The P100,000 and P10,000 shopping sprees will be Amazon eGift Cards to be procured by Globe Telecom.

    2. Each eGift Card will be converted to US Dollar upon purchase. Winners shall use this eGift card on

    3. The eGift Cards will be distributed to the winner via Amazon’s Gift Cards section at

    4. The winner will receive the eGift Card via email.

    5. The eGift Card will automatically be converted into Amazon shopping credits upon redemption, which the user can use upon checkout.

    6. Winners will have until February 28 to redeem the eGift Card.

    Consolation Prize: Johnny Air Plus discount

    1. For those who receive the consolation prize of a discount on Johnny Air Plus, the discount may be availed by logging in to Johnny Air Plus

    2. Customers will automatically receive 50% off their first 2 lbs when they ship with Johnny Air Plus, to be indicated in their statement of account.

    3. How to redeem 50% when shipping:

      1. Upon checkout on Amazon or any store that delivers to the US, customers may use the following address to forward their order to Johnny Air Plus warehouse: JAC PLUS GLOBE/Your Name 69-04 Roosevelt Avenue Woodsite, NY 11377 (718) 3719870

      2. Customers then need to input their order’s Tracking # in Johnny Air Plus homepage when logged in.

      3. Johnny Air Plus will notify the customer if their order is already available for delivery.

    4. Consolation prize winners will have until February 28 to redeem their shipping discount.