Refer na, ka-Globe!

If you’re a Globe employee, get awarded GCash vouchers by becoming a digital ambassador and promoting Globe At Home Postpaid and Prepaid WiFi products in your community.

How to Join

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  1. All non-sales regular Globe employees are automatically qualified to join. Excluded from participating are employees in sales and Broadband Marketing.
  2. Non-sales Globe employees shall receive their unique promo code through their company email address, along with the mechanics and FAQs of the program that is sent by [email protected]
  3. The unique referral code may be used by new applicants when applying for a new Globe at Home Postpaid plan or a Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi at the Globe at Home Online Shop. The employee's unique promo code should be inputted as the coupon code when applying in the Globe Online Shop.


  1. What are the rewards for the Globe employees?
    Globe employees will receive the following awards for each referral:
    • Postpaid
      • Plan 1299 - 1899: P500
      • Plan 2499 - 2899: P600
      • Plan 4499 - 9499: P1000
    • Prepaid
      • Home Prepaid WiFi: P200
      • Xtreme Prepaid WiFi: P300
  2. What is considered a successful referral?
    Postpaid: Upon installation and activation of line
    Prepaid: Upon modem delivery and is received by the referee
  3. When will the employee receive their GCash reward?
    The Globe employee will receive their GCash vouchers at the end of each month (August 31, September 30 and October 31, 2020).
  4. How can the employees redeem their GCash vouchers?
    Step 1: The Globe employee will receive an eGift in their Globe email address.
    Step 2: Employee goes to the online redemption form, enters the eGift code and their GCash account details.
    Step 3: GCash balance in their account will be updated within a few minutes.
  5. How will the employees keep track of their referrals?
    Globe employees can track their referrals in a shared google sheet that will be sent by [email protected] to each employee's email address.
  6. What will the referral codes be used for?
    The promo codes will be used to keep track of employee referrals and where they are in the application process.
  7. Are the employee's promo codes valid for applications from other channels?
    The referral offer is only valid for sign-ups from the Globe Online Shop. The promo code can’t be processed through other channels.
  8. Is there a limit to the number of referrals per employee?
    Each non-sales Globe employee can have a maximum of 10 successful referrals for both postpaid and prepaid.
  9. Who can be referred?
    Only new Globe At Home applicants can be considered a referral. Applicants for re-contracting and plan upgrades will not be valid for this promo.
  10. What is the plan offer for new Globe At Home Postpaid applicants?
    The new Bolt 2.0 and the mobile cross-sell plans can be offered for new Globe At Home Postpaid applicants.
  11. What is the SLA from applications to the installation of Broadband Postpaid?
    The SLA is 2 to 5 days.

    Please ensure that all referrals submit complete and clear documents. Applicants for plan 1899 to 299 with a device are required to submit proof of financial capacity.

  12. What are the acceptable IDs and Proof of Financial Capacity?

    Acceptable IDs

    • Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • SSS ID
    • BIR ID
    • PRC ID
    • Voter’s ID
    • Postal ID
    • PhilHealth ID
    • UMID

    Proof of Financial Capacity

    • Certificate of Employment with Compensation (COE)
    • Computerized Pay Slip
    • Self-Printed Pay Slip
    • Government Payroll or Pay Slip
    • BIR Form 2316
    • Latest ITR (BIR Form 1700 for Employees)
    • Credit Card ID including internationally-issued Cards—only for channels which have the capability to swipe one advance MSF
    • Competitor Mobile or Broadband telco bill
    • Latest Notarized Contract of Lease
    • Latest Business or Mayor’s Permit with Gross Sales (For Self-Employed Applicants)
    • Latest ITR (BIR Form 1702 for Sole Proprietor) with receipt stamp by BIR or accredited by the bank

Promo Code Redemption

STEP 1: Refer your friend to the Globe Online shop.

STEP 2: The referee will undergo serviceability checking to see which plans are available in their area.

STEP 3: The referee will input employee promo code in the Enter Coupon field during check out.

STEP 4: The referee will complete the application or ordering process.

STEP 5: Wait for the installation or delivery.

Promo Period

Promo runs from August 14 to October 31, 2020

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