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GFiber Flex 199


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Swak sa movie nights.


GFiber Flex 499


15 Days

Swak sa online learning.


GFiber Flex 999


30 Days

Swak sa buong pamilya.

Understanding Your Globe At Home GFiber Flex Plan Bill Charges

Prorated Charges
Charge for the number of days from your installation date until your billing cut-off date. You'll only be charged for the number of days passed, approximately ₱27 per day.

This pertains to your plan’s monthly service fee.

Installation Fee
₱200 per month less 50% = ₱1,200 amortized to 12 months

Where to View Your Bill
Your monthly bill will be sent to your registered email address and mobile number. You may also view your bill by logging in to your Globe At Home app.

View our accredited payment channels.

Sample computation for a GFiber Flex Plan 799 installed on September 7, with a billing cut-off on every 27th of the month.

Prorated charges: 799 (plan) ÷ 30 days x 20 days (prorated days) = ₱532.67

Month 1Month 2-12Month 13 Onwards
Prorated Charges₱532.67
Installation Fee₱100₱100₱0
Total ₱1,431.67₱899₱799

Data Boost Promos availed will be charge-to-bill

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