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If you’re an existing Globe At Home customer, you can share your unique referral code to your friends to get up to P500 worth of GCash vouchers for every successful transaction.

How to Join

Do you have a question about the promo? Ask away! We’re here to help.


  1. Existing Globe  Globe at Home Postpaid subscribers in good credit standing are eligible to participate in the referral program as REFERRERS.
  2. Eligible Globe at Home customers shall receive a unique referral code through SMS and email.
  3. The unique referral code may be used by new applicants when applying for a new Globe at Home Postpaid plan at the Globe at Home Online Shop.
  4. To apply, the new customer (REFEREE) must enter the referrer's Referral Code during the online sign-up process.
  5. The referral offer is only valid for online sign-ups in This offer is not valid for sign-ups at Globe Stores or though Globe agents.
  6. The GCash credit will only be awarded to the referrer and referee if the referral is successful.
  7. The GCash credit will be sent directly to their GCash account upon the successful installation of their Globe at Home Postpaid referral.
  8. The GCash account, where the GCash credits will be sent for the referrer and referee, is based on the mobile number they inputted in their broadband postpaid application. Any request for the GCash credits to be sent under a different mobile number will have to be sent on the inquiry page in the portal.
  9. For the referral to be successful, both referrer and referee must have their Globe broadband service successfully installed and their accounts must be in good standing.
    • Referrer: No outstanding payments for their account
    • Referee: Line successfully installed (For Broadband Postpaid)
  10. Successful Globe at Home referral transactions shall be notified via email or SMS.
  11. The maximum number of people that can be successfully referred by each referrer under this offer is 20.
  12. Applications using the promo code are for new subscribers only, and cannot be used to apply for a second line or renewal.
  13. All Globe at Home Postpaid plans come with a 24-month lock-up scheme.


What will I get for referring a friend?

For each successful referral you’ll get:

  • P500 GCash eGift each for you and friend for every successful Broadband Postpaid online application.

How many times can I receive vouchers because of my successful referrals?

You can receive vouchers up to 20 times only for the duration of the promo.

I am an existing Globe At Home Postpaid Subscriber. Can I use this code for another account under my name but in a different address?

No, referrers cannot refer themselves. The application may be valid for an account under a different user.

My address has a Globe At Home Postpaid subscription. Can I use this code to refer the same address but with a different account name?

No, this offer is not valid for a second line subscription.

I want to refer a friend who's interested to get a Globe At Home, can I get a referral code?

Participation in the referral promo is subject to eligibility requirements. You may send the request by filling up the inquiry form. If eligible, you'll receive a unique referral code via email and SMS in 4-7 working days.

I received the email/SMS notification that I have a reward to claim. How do I claim this?

The GCash credit will automatically be seeded to your GCash account, based on the mobile number inputted in your broadband postpaid application. The GCash credit will be sent 2-3 days after the successful installation of the referral.

My friend applied for a Postpaid Plan but was not serviceable. Do I still get a voucher for P500?

No, because the installation was unsuccessful.

How will I know if the offer sent by my friend is legit and not a scam?

The referrer message will advise you to apply to the Globe Online Shop and enter the referral code only. The Globe Online Shop is an official channel of Globe. Remember: To avoid being a victim of scams, the referrer will never ask for your personal information, documents, or any payments.

When will I receive my code (Referrer and Referee)?

Successful Globe at Home referral transactions shall be notified via email or SMS.

How do I redeem my Voucher?

The GCash credits will be directly sent to your GCash accounts, based on the mobile number you inputted in your broadband postpaid application.

How do I use the Referral Code sent to me?

STEP 1: Copy the unique referral code.

STEP 2: Go to

STEP 3: Select the Globe at Home product/plan.

STEP 4: Enter the unique referral code in the promo code field.

STEP 5: Check-out and complete the transaction.

STEP 6: Await product delivery/plan activation and confirmation of email/SMS for successful activation.

STEP 7: Voucher shall be sent to your GCash account within 2-3 days upon the successful installation of the line.

Does this apply to Other Add-ON Devices or Modems in the SHOP? (Xtreme Prepaid WiFi / TP Link, or Android TV)

Referral program is only valid for Globe at Home Postpaid plan (wired) applications, that are offered in the Globe Online shop.

Promo Code Redemption

STEP 1: Refer your friend to the Globe Online Shop.

STEP 2: The referee will undergo serviceability checking to see which plans are available in their area.

STEP 3: The referee will input employee promo code in the Enter Coupon field during check out.

STEP 4: The referee will complete the application or ordering process.

STEP 5: Wait for the installation or delivery.

Promo Period

Promo period is from September 7, 2020 to October 31, 2020.

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