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Troubleshooting Your Broadband Account | Globe At Home


Get a seamless browsing experience at home.

Check WiFi Signal

Make sure all the lights of your modem are green and blinking.

Connect All Cables

Ensure all LAN cables are properly connected to their respective ports.

Track Data Usage

Log in to your Globe At Home app to check how much data you’ve consumed.

Monitor Number of Users

Limit the number of people using your Internet at home.

Keep Device in a Central Location

Place your modem in an area free of any obstructions.

Know the Factors Affecting Your Internet Connection

  • Downloading large files or streaming videos
  • Having too many devices using the same channel
  • Placing your modem near TV sets and other electrical equipment
  • Checking your modem's specifications such as RAM and hard disk usage

For more info, keep this handy guide as your reference.

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