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4 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S20+ is the Phone for Execs - The Business Advisor

4 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Is the Ideal Phone for Executives on the Move

The future of the workforce will unfold far from the office. 42.5% of the global labor pool is expected to go mobile by 2022, driving a revolution in productivity.

Filipinos are ahead of this curve, not behind. Over 1.5 million locals consider themselves mobile, with more and more opting to work remotely due to the flexibility it provides. As the numbers grow and phone devices evolve, mobile productivity should become every business' new normal. 

No device encapsulates this quite like the Samsung Galaxy S20+. Mobile employees—managers, executives, and business owners alike—can maximize their productivity with the Galaxy S20+ and its advanced features at their disposal.

Always on the move? Samsung's newest model might help you to take a huge leap forward with its impressive features.

Reason 1: Faster Performance

The Galaxy S20+ is uncannily intelligent. Thanks to the sheer power under its hood, it can perform menial tasks in the cleverest ways. For example, when your business takes you abroad, your Galaxy S20+ can translate foreign signs for you. It can compose emails based on natural-language voice commands. Your Galaxy S20+ can even predict your usual 3 PM calls to headquarters and queues it on your screen.

With its AI-enabled virtual assistant, Bixby, it can learn your usage patterns and anticipate your needs. Underpinning Bixby is a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that is 4.3 times faster than previous models. This dual-core NPU, also known as the Samsung Exynos 990, amps up the Galaxy S20+'s AI and machine learning capabilities. 

The enhanced processor of the device can allow you to experience 15.4% faster computer processing and 25.2% faster graphics processing. These provide more muscle to take on any intensive work-related mobile applications.

Galaxy S20+ users can also benefit from an upgraded Random Access Memory (RAM). The new Samsung model can lower your power consumption by 20%, increasing your speed by 29%. It can also perform functions such as preventing important background apps from shutting down, opening programs without delay, and optimizing memory distribution. 

Reason 2: Enhanced Security 

A recent survey of 400 IT experts found that 30% refused to allow workers to use their personal devices for work due to security concerns. The Galaxy S20+ can resolve this apprehension with its built-in security located within its software and hardware.

The Galaxy S20+'s secure processor can ensure your PIN, passwords, patterns, and Blockchain Private Keys remain private. The phone's Samsung Knox security solution is also integrated throughout the software layers, ensuring data security at all levels. With several layers of security and defense mechanisms, the Knox platform can protect your data against intrusion, malware, and malicious threats.

Top secret product plans, credit card numbers, and personal documents stay safe. You can be confident that your Galaxy S20+ will never give up any confidential information. 

Reason 3: Innovative Camera

If you thought the Galaxy S20+'s camera was useful only for influencers, you would be amazed. Samsung has brought documentation to a whole new level.

Capture even the most minuscule details during site inspections with the Galaxy S20+'s 64-megapixel resolution and 30x zoom. Packed with camera stabilization and an ultra-high 8K resolution at 28 frames per second, the phone makes video recording a breeze.

However you use the camera at work, you can witness improved sharpness and quality of images in low-light and fast-paced conditions alike. It's Bright Night sensor makes low-light shots clearer. And its single-take feature allows you to fully capture any moment on the fly. 

One shot using the Galaxy S20+ can result in an array of photo and video options—all with the help of machine learning and the phone's multiple lenses. Whether you are documenting a workshop or speaking at an event, you will not need to worry about missing a good photo. You can simply choose from the image options provided by your Galaxy 20+. 

Reason 4: Optimized for Business

Beyond your smartphone, you rely on other platforms, like Microsoft Office 365 and Google's G Suite, to get work done. The Galaxy S20+ can seamlessly integrate with these and more, thanks to Samsung's ongoing collaborations with many leading-edge companies. 

Users can even transform their Galaxy S20+ devices into desktop CPUs. Samsung DeX allows integration of the device with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, allowing you to use the phone's applications in a desktop-like user interface. 

The DeX enabled Galaxy S20+ can let you take a massive step forward by turning your phone into a virtual desktop. A multi-hyphenate professional such as yourself can fulfill tasks faster by switching between devices. 

Experience seamless presentations by downloading your file into your phone and connecting it to the monitor in your meeting room. You can take down notes on your Galaxy S20+ while it is mirroring a video call on TV. Need a bigger picture? Flash a document or photo on your phone and view it on your desktop.

The Galaxy S20+ is built for productivity on the go. Check out its full specifications:


6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2.0

3200x1440 Quad HD+ (525ppi)

2.9 x 6.37 x 0.30 -inch


64-bit Exynos 990 Octa-core P 2.0 GHz)


128 GB


8 GB

Expandable Storage

Up to 1 TB

Rear Cameras

12-megapixel f/2.2 (Ultra Wide)

12-megapixel f/1.8 (Wide)

64-megapixel f/2.0 (Telephoto)


AF: Dual Pixel (Wide)

Dual OIS (Wide/Telephoto)

Front Camera

10-megapixel f/2.2

AF: Dual Pixel


5G Enabled


Water-resistant (IP68)

Bixby Natural Language Commands and Dictation

Samsung DeX (desktop experience support)


Samsung Knox


4,500 mAh

A device that pushes the boundaries of innovation—the Galaxy S20+ can be your next business breakthrough. Get Samsung's newest model at Business Boost Plan 1499 (with an additional cash-out of PHP 1,300 per month for 24 months.) To order, contact your dedicated Globe Business Account Manager today.

*Samsung Galaxy S20+ comes in Cosmic Gray, Black, and Blue. Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra are also available. Each model's color variants are subject to the availability of Globe Business inventory.

Interested in learning more about our products and solutions? Arrange a consultation with a Globe Business Account Manager today.


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