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How Cloud Boosted Amazon’s Business Growth - The Business Advisor

Amazon’s Trillion-Dollar Value: How the Cloud can Drive Your Business Growth

Amazon, popular for its e-commerce business, hit the trillion-dollar valuation market cap last September. The online retailer owes a huge part of its success to its Day 1 philosophy—composed of making high-velocity decisions, focusing on results instead of processes, embracing trends quickly, and having the drive to delight customers.

All of these elements are interrelated and, one way or another, lead back to the company’s obsession with its market, pushing it to ceaselessly innovate and invent. In fact, this careful attention to customers has led to Amazon’s runaway success in the cloud services industry: a $180-billion market that Amazon Web Services (AWS) pioneered and still dominates up to this day.

Learning from Amazon

Holding 34% share in the global cloud market, AWS stays 20 points ahead of its competitors. Aside from being customer-centric, the company’s success is also a result of its culture’s service architecture.

In an infamous mandate back in 2002, Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos pushed teams to create an internal Application Programming Interface (API) economy—one which gave employees the power to build service interfaces from the ground up, communicate only through these APIs, and provide the whole organization with access to related data and resources, allowing assets to be built on and used externally.

You can only imagine the panic that ensued among employees at that time. Anyone who did not comply would, unfortunately, have to bid goodbye to the company. However, looking at what Amazon has currently achieved, this non-conventional approach could very well have contributed to its trillion-dollar win. The business’ self-service interface not only enabled Amazon to scale, but it also paved the way for faster results, streamlined operations, and innovative customer experiences.

Local companies can stand to learn from Amazon’s success. As digital transformation proceeds apace, enterprises must look for ways to easily and efficiently adapt to the evolving business landscape and consumer behavior. It does not necessarily mean that companies should create their own internal APIs. Existing APIs have already made it possible to build the programs and platforms that support present business operations, one of which is cloud computing.

Powering Up through the Cloud

Essentially, businesses can use cloud technology to trade capital expenses for operating costs, simultaneously benefiting from the massive economies of scale created by the aggregation of data in a single facility.

For one, the cloud allows businesses to become more cost-efficient as it removes the need to invest in infrastructure, which takes up space and burns money on every upgrade. Through cloud computing, IT teams can compute power, store data, deliver content, and build applications, without worrying about exceeding budgets. There is no need to buy new technologies and millions of pesos worth of equipment.

The cloud also enables businesses to serve more customers as it expands to new markets. Enterprises can access the amount of capacity they need when they need it. Because it removes the guesswork, they can either scale up or down in just a few minutes, depending on their actual business requirements. This eliminates having to order and wait for additional resources or spending more on resources you do not need. As most executives know, when it comes to business, less time waiting means less opportunity wasted.

Cloud Today and Tomorrow

Cloud-enabled businesses have the potential to be industry powerhouses. Adopting cloud-based policies is a must in a world rapidly becoming digital. That is why we, at Globe Business, aim to provide access to cloud technologies that will empower companies to become the enterprise giants of the future.

With our long-time cloud partner, Amazon Web Services, we are able to provide businesses with cost-efficient, pay-per-use access to a secure public cloud platform built for backup and storage, application hosting, website building, databases, and many more.

Acquiring AWS through Globe Business can streamline a company's cloud journey as we become the single point of contact for its cloud needs, providing 24/7 after-sales technical support. Being the one-stop-shop for digital solutions, we bundle our cloud services with cybersecurity and connectivity features that equip businesses with agility, scalability, and overall, improved customer experience.

Our clients can choose from a roster of ready-made, well-architected designs that their IT teams can simply edit and deploy, allowing flexibility to launch applications and paving the way for innovation. Ease of payment is also one of the benefits of partnering with us to leverage AWS's cloud capabilities. Not only do enterprises save more by paying only for what they use, but they can also conveniently pay through localized billing.

Apart from providing access to AWS, we also offer cloud consulting and deployment services to handhold businesses—from discovery, roadmap development, and execution up to optimization to ensure that they maximize the benefits of moving to the cloud.


The Globe Cloud Journey

Riding on the cloud has drastically shifted the way we do business. Years ago, Globe used to back up 26 terabytes of data across 16 servers, which are just small subsets of our entire systems, spending more than P26 million annually. We then upgraded to Dell EMC Data Domain, further reducing our costs to P7 million. But migrating to AWS proved to be even more beneficial as we cut down our spending to only P400,000 yearly.

Our cloud journey does not stop there. We continue to find ways to optimize cloud technology, so that we do not only decrease our costs, but also increase efficiency, productivity, and agility company-wide, creating better experiences for our customers.

Migrating to the cloud does not have to be a complex story. Reaching a trillion-dollar growth can seem far-fetched—but if you have the power of the cloud, anything is possible.

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