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3 Benefits of Having a Cloud Computing Security Solution - The Business Advisor

Three Benefits of Deploying Cloud Security in an Increasingly Online World

A crisis forces systemic change—with the pandemic being no exception. Business activities are increasingly migrating online and work-from-home arrangements have largely become the norm.

None of these shifts would have been possible without cloud computing driving the change. Applications and data have moved almost en masse from on-site corporate networks to the cloud—and businesses are all the better for it. 

But this rapid digital transformation comes with heightened risk. Cyberthreats have been around since ARPANET, the internet’s predecessor. With each passing day, they have become exponentially more frequent and sophisticated. Fortunately, cybersecurity technology has advanced just as aggressively.

Companies with cloud-based operations must pay attention to their cybersecurity to keep their assets, and hard-earned customer trust, safe. This is especially important in an increasingly volatile business environment that warrants a clear business continuity plan. A cloud-based cybersecurity solution presents the optimal way forward, by offering three key benefits.

1. Secure access to the internet and internal applications

Previously, companies relied on the hub-and-spoke security model. Local administrations had to secure the physical network, and required employees to log in on-site to safely access internal apps. This setup required internet traffic to go through their primary data centers as a security measure. 

Yet as data volume rises, the effort and expense required to secure IT systems increases, as well. Beyond a certain point, securing a physical network is no longer a practical option for companies. 

Cloud security neatly solves this problem by decentralizing the process, shifting most of the work from on-site systems to cloud security providers. Companies then get to maximize the provider’s cybersecurity infrastructure and expertise, without making extensive changes to their existing hardware.

2. Simple, fast, scalable

Cloud computing security solutions can replace point products without requiring tedious installation and configuration. As a result, they are simpler, faster, and cheaper to deploy. This makes it easier to add more users, give them secure access to the internet, and define which internal apps they are authorized to see and use. 

Because security settings are defined by policies set in the cloud, high-level security becomes ubiquitous. No matter which Internet connection or which device users log on to, they all get the same level of protection. And the user base can be scaled up indefinitely, without adversely affecting effectiveness and cost.

3. Better user experience through local internet breakouts

By freeing companies from their dependence on physical infrastructure, a cloud-based approach to cybersecurity increases companies’ bandwidth for higher-priority operations. It also unlocks working potential for remote employees, who can now use secure, cloud-based access to internal apps without resorting to cumbersome VPNs.

As a result, remote employees can enjoy faster connections through local internet providers without compromising their security. This leads to better employee focus and productivity, resulting in the company’s increased agility and improved potential for digital transformation.

Proactive Cybersecurity with Globe Business

Globe Business encourages companies to incorporate cybersecurity strategies into their digital transformation and business continuity plans. Through its partnership with Zscaler, the world’s largest SaaS (security as a service) cloud platform, Globe Business now offers two key tools: Zscaler Internet Access™ (ZIA) and Zscaler Private Access™ (ZPA). 

ZIA, which sits between the user and the internet, allows for secure access by closely inspecting traffic and applying multiple security measures so that all users, regardless of location, are shielded cyber threats. ZPA, on the other hand, is a fast, scalable alternative to VPN that provides secure access to internal applications without requiring a connection to the network.

At Globe Business, we work to help our customers get an expanded view of the opportunities that lie ahead and the challenges they can address with the right solutions. Backed by the world’s leading experts, we support companies as they execute proactive cybersecurity initiatives in preparation for any eventuality.

Protect your business against persistent threats. Visit our website or get in touch with your Globe Business Account Manager to learn more about Zscaler and the rest of our top-notch cybersecurity solutions.