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Building Greater Tomorrows: Redefining Success Beyond Business

As we all inch closer to the new year, we are all moving towards a path of recovery and growth. Beyond disruption, the COVID-19 pandemic has given businesses the chance to re-examine their priorities and make a meaningful shift for the better. 

"We’re all shifting our paradigms as we transition into the new, post-pandemic world—I cannot overemphasize the gravity of this fact,” said Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business, Enterprise Group, during the Leadership Innovation Forum (Lead-In) held on November 19, 2021. 

“While some say that we were born too late to explore the moon, yet too early to roam the stars, I believe that we are living in an equally important age in this Great Reset," added Maquera during the virtual leadership forum. 

As the flagship thought leadership event of Globe Business, Lead-In aims to create a positive impact on businesses, society, and the nation, especially in light of this Great Reset. With the theme, “Bigger Picture, Greater Future: Redefining Success Beyond Business”, Lead-In 2021 elevated the conversation on the power of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration on the future of enterprises.

The Great Reset

Powering through 2020 required vast amounts of courage, both from businesses and individuals alike. For 2021 and the future, however, we need to go beyond courage to build back better. To achieve a greater tomorrow, we need to develop radical compassionate leadership to uplift lives and leave a lasting positive impact on society.   

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has outlined the keys to achieving a healthier, more equitable, and prosperous world in the wake of the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovation and digital transformation lead the pack, as organizations and nations alike must harness technologies born of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and redesign skills and jobs for the digital era.

Lead In

"Companies that are more mature in the digital space are winning the future because digital transformation has become a life essential,” said Yoly Crisanto, Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications at Globe Telecom. “But it is digital transformation with compassion for humanity that will create more value moving forward."

The WEF also stresses the importance of a green economic recovery, with an emphasis on developing sustainable business models and restoring environmental health by minimizing environmental degradation. This ambition requires compassion, both for people, the environment, and even future generations.

“When we say we’re building greater businesses, we define greatness in a holistic sense—that is, greater for us humans, greater for our stakeholders, greater for everyone," said Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe Telecom.  

Indeed, The Great Reset provides enterprises with ample opportunities to exercise compassion to help uplift lives, improve society, and create better businesses for a greater tomorrow. Through fearless compassionate leadership, we can all make The Great Reset inclusive for more people.

Doing Good is Good for Business

One truth resonated throughout Lead-In 2021: Doing good is good for business. Lucas Joppa, Ph.D., Chief Environmental Officer at Microsoft Corporation, emphasized the reality that “for Microsoft to do well, the world needs to do well.” The same rings true for all enterprises worldwide: For companies to do well, the world needs to do well.

In the age of the Great Reset, natural and social systems must not suffer for the sake of profit. After all, a company’s financial, environmental, and social goals “are not mutually exclusive but, rather, mutually reinforcing,” reminded Cesar Romero, President and CEO of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation. 

Pilipinas Shell, for one, has robust environmental and social development programs in the areas where they operate. This not only strengthens their social license to operate but also helps mitigate the negative environmental footprint and social impact of their operations.  

Joppa provided a glimpse into corporate responsibility at Microsoft by outlining their three-step approach, namely: (1) reduce exposure to risk, (2) avoid contributing to the problem, and (3) build new solutions. In the end, the purpose of corporations is to “not just pursue profits—it's to pursue profits to solve the problems of people,” added Joppa.

As a global technology leader, Microsoft is no stranger to developing technologies and solutions that help address prevailing global issues. One such innovation is Microsoft’s Cloud for Sustainability, a business intelligence (BI) dashboard that leverages digital technologies to record, report, and monitor a company’s environmental and social impacts, even on a global scale. 

But beyond digital solutions, how can enterprises move forward and achieve their sustainability ambitions? Alfredo Ayala, Managing Director at Ayala Corporation and Chief Operating Officer at iPeople, Inc., reminded enterprises to never lose sight of corporate integrity, one that is underpinned by culture, strategy, governance, and accountability.

And as enterprises redefine success beyond business, we must also leverage our different positions of influence as customers, suppliers, investors, partners, employers, and advocates to build greater tomorrows, reminded Joppa. 

For a Globe of Good

Globe Business has always been at the forefront of game-changing digital technologies and thought-provoking industry leadership. But beyond pushing the boundaries of technology and digital transformation, and providing expert enterprise solutions, Globe Business exercises its industry leadership for the greater good through its flagship thought leadership event, Lead-In. 

At Globe, sustainability has always been anchored on this purpose: “In everything we do, we treat people right to do a Globe of Good.” In every aspect of our operations, Globe aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN SDGs) for a just and equitable future for all. As Lead-In 2021 drew to a close, we acknowledge that we can only make this possible with the help of other enterprises, and through radical compassionate leadership. 

As your trusted business advisor, Globe Business exists to uplift lives through the compassionate use of digital technology. Beyond connectivity, Globe Business brings together customer-centric innovations, a frictionless digital ecosystem, a reliable network, and a culture of genuine care, giving businesses the confidence to face everyday challenges and the power to create greater tomorrows.      

Redefine success beyond business with Globe Business’ roster of ICT solutions. Get in touch with your dedicated enterprise Account Manager, or visit our website to learn more.