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Business Application Services to Digitally Transform the Workplace

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 60% of enterprises will invest heavily in ensuring employee experience is digitalized. IDC also projected that 75% of all organizations will have accelerated use of digital technologies to improve business processes and employee performance. This also includes driving customer engagement, employee productivity, and business resiliency.

The value of digital transformation is only as effective as the right tools you choose, and the responsibility of choice falls on the shoulders of business leaders. Here’s where Globe Business comes in with applications that work together with seamless efficiency:

1. Collaborate to be productive.

Collaboration is the key, and it has gone virtual. This presents an opportunity for businesses to enable employees to work more efficiently and hit their productivity targets.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) has apps that offer seamless collaboration. From email, calendar, text and video chat, document creation, project websites, and online storage and sync–expect cost efficiency, ease of use, and innovation.

Microsoft 365 lets your employees and customers collaborate and interact with Microsoft’s cloud-based services to access documents, emails, and programs anywhere on your device with a connection. Work together effortlessly on the same files and documents while safeguarding your data with built-in security.

Teams are brought together with SquadZip, which aligns your workforce. Get reports and location-stamped in real-time. With its intuitive #ZipTagging System, you have access to all the information you need from documents, photos, and activities specific to a client or deal. This on-the-go collaboration tool updates you—even without a connection.

2. Make Human Resources people-centric.

Accelerate your employee's value within your organization through HCM (Human Capital Management). Alongside helping you recruit the right talent for your company, HCM can empower you to develop your workforce’s skill sets while promoting teamwork and productivity. By upskilling them through personalized training and seminars, you can further motivate your employees to maximize their potential to excel in their tasks.

The skills that were necessary years ago constantly need to be upgraded, especially when the nature of work has radically shifted due to COVID-19. Ensure your organization’s adaptability by improving your employee’s know-how and filling in their knowledge gaps. This is what makes them resilient as they work smarter and more efficiently for your business.

LMS (Learning Management Solution) for Corporate facilitates remote learning across different locations. Personalized training courses help an employee reach their full potential. Evaluate their performance effectively with real-time analytics and actionable insights.

KonsultaMD provides employees with access to unlimited 24/7 telehealth consultations with on-call doctors for advice on general and mental health. The healthcare process is made easier by removing the need to make an appointment. Employees can have convenient access to medical professionals for an immediate consultation.

Sprout Human Resource Information System (HRIS) frees Human Resources from traditional spreadsheets and logbooks. The integrated, cloud-based solution provides instant insights and reports of timekeeping and other administrative files. Processes are streamlined for quick and convenient payrolls and stay aligned with all government mandates with a DOLE-certified system with full government compliance that saves you from disputes and penalties.

With GCash PowerPay+, your business can handle money more efficiently, especially with regard to payroll concerns such as salaries, allowances, incentives, and more. Without a maintaining balance, your workforce can access funds more securely any day of the week. Employees no longer have to go to the nearest ATM or bank for cash transactions. This cashless convenience keeps them safe with just a few clicks on their mobile phone.

One way to achieve digital transformation is offloading your payroll processes to Managed Payroll (BridgeSEA), where experts assist with payroll concerns while you focus on your core business. Manage an employee’s career within your organization from the moment they are hired until their retirement. Its web-based platform allows your remote employees to log their attendance, manage calendars, and schedule leaves, all within the comfort of their own homes. Seamlessly integrate this software and service with your organization’s existing payroll processes.

3. Create workflows with ease.

GoCanvas digitizes and automates forms from applications to approvals. Customize everything without the need for know-how on IT or programming skills, all on your smartphone or tablet. Create PDF forms with your business’ logo and brand identity. There's even an opportunity to securely collect data by capturing e-signatures, photos, GPS coordinates, and payments. You can connect your data with Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, and more. Moreover, the platform lets you gain critical insights that help in business decision-making, solving process bottlenecks, and executing improvements faster.

4. Choose mobile to reach your audience.

Target customers with SMS Blasting and Rich Media Blasting Solution—a Globe Business solution that enables you to communicate and engage with your customers. Send bulk messages to your target market using a custom sender ID while keeping your number secured. 

You can also have the option to use your Globe Business number to start a text broadcast via traditional SMS or Rich Media platforms such as Viber and Facebook for urgent push notifications. 

5. The bottom line: customer satisfaction.

Salesforce CRM Solutions focus on improving efficiency, communication, and engagement, specifically with your customers. From driving sales and streamlining operations to reducing overall costs, you become part of your customer’s journey. Once your business provides a consistent digital customer experience, expect increased profitability.

Digital solutions that support your business and beyond

Moving forward by utilizing the right technologies can help speed up your digital transformation. From enhancing productivity and collaboration to creating a more human-centric work environment, our Business Application Services lets you focus on the bigger picture by leveraging these applications that work together with seamless efficiency. That’s what Globe Business Application Service is all about. 

Choose from a comprehensive list of ready-to-use and customizable digital applications for your business. Contact your Globe Business enterprise Account Manager or visit our website to know more about our Business Application Services.