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Cloud-Based Contact Center: a Win for Everyone - The Business Advisor

Why a Cloud-Based Contact Center Is a Win for Everyone

Over the past year, we have realized just how much of a company’s crunch-time success depends on customer experience. At a time when organizations and their customers had no way of meeting in person, contact center agents staffed the frontlines to make sure their concerns were being addressed. 

This presented unlikely growth opportunities for some, but it also strained capabilities for others. In fact, some wait-and-hold resolution times increased in this period from just 18 seconds to over 20 minutes.  

To cope with the increasing demand while providing timely, efficient, and effective services to customers, companies are tapping contact-center-as-a-service (CCaaS) solutions—a cloud-based method of managing customer relationships, using a contact center provider’s software rather than maintaining costly internal IT support. 

This allows for a simple, scalable, flexible, and reliable way to run customer support operations. A good CCaaS gives companies a single unified system to communicate and collaborate, eliminating the inefficiencies of cobbling different components together.

For enterprises in the Philippines, these benefits have come within reach through Globe Omnichannel (GO) Cloud Contact Center, the result of a partnership between Globe and Gartner-recognized CCaaS industry leader Genesys.

Here are four reasons why managing customer relationships through GO Cloud Contact Center will be a win for customers, agents, and the company as a whole.

Happier, more effective agents

Deploying everything from the cloud saves companies from managing costly physical hardware and letting agents work remotely with more ease.

Data visibility through a single streamlined interface also allows access to relevant customer information more readily, affording them a 360-degree view of their customers.

GO Cloud Contact Center supports interaction history across all channels, ensuring that businesses do not lose sight of any interaction, whether they occur through voice, chat, email, social media, or messaging. If a customer calls after sending an email, for instance, agents will be able to read the email and all previous interactions with that particular customer. Agents thus become better equipped to solve customers’ issues within shorter call hold times.

This solution also helps in-house IT teams by reducing the systems and tickets they need to manage; allowing for easy configuration of permissions, accounts, and roles; and requiring minimal maintenance through immediate updates and upgrades.

Satisfied customers

A more nuanced understanding of customers helps improve the company’s overall customer service quality. 

Most CCaaS solutions enable omnichannel presence, which means conversations with customers can happen wherever it is most convenient for them. Having a bird’s eye view of customers’ needs and preferences lets businesses identify and even predict customer issues before they escalate.

For companies in e-commerce, GO Cloud Contact Center can also improve conversation rates through web chat and co-browsing capabilities, which lets sales teams more effectively help customers complete their orders.

Better team management

Some CCaaS providers allow for a 360-degree view of workforce engagement management. GO Cloud Contact Center, for instance, provides real-time dashboards and analytics covering performance metrics across all your channels. With a built-in workforce management engine powered by artificial intelligence (AI), GO Cloud Contact Center can generate accurate forecasts in just 30 seconds and create an appropriate staffing plan.

Rather than relying on many separate spreadsheets to manage schedules and workloads, contact center leads can use GO Cloud Contact Center’s built-in forecasting, scheduling, recording, quality management, and performance monitoring tools.

Better-protected data

Working with well-known names in CCaaS also helps ensure that business and customer data are kept safe and secure. Through Genesys, GO Cloud Contact Center protects data using attack defense automation, external penetration testing, industry-standard encryption (TLS and AES-256), and strict regulatory complice. 

Run a world-class cloud contact center with Globe and Genesys

With GO Cloud Contact Center, companies can now build their own customizable, quickly deployable, and secure and reliable cloud-based omnichannel contact center.

Simplify the way you build customer relationships with Globe Omnichannel (GO) Cloud Contact Center. Contact your Globe Business Account Manager or visit our website to learn more.