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How Businesses Use the Cloud to Stay Resilient - The Business Advisor

Clearer Skies Ahead: How Businesses Use the Cloud to Stay Resilient

The past few months have brought to light a major challenge faced by most enterprises: building resilience. Companies need to establish systems that help them absorb the impacts of the pandemic today, so they can bounce back even stronger tomorrow. To do this, enterprises are increasingly looking to cloud computing.

The financial strain brought by COVID-19 has shut down one out of every four businesses nationwide. Many companies have only survived by moving their operations online: a paradigm shift that would not have been possible without cloud computing.

The uptake of the cloud has been fast and surprisingly universal. A Global data report found that 84% and 74% of Philippine enterprises are considering managed cloud services and cloud management platforms, respectively. And the Philippine government has updated its cloud-first policy, requiring government agencies to use either the official GovCloud platform or an external provider’s.

This directive has resulted in the increasing adoption of cloud-powered collaboration tools and business applications such as Zoom, G Suite, Microsoft 365, and Windows Virtual Desktop. Other companies are also making the most of Amazon End User Computing Services such as WorkSpaces, AppStream 2.0, Chime, and WorkDocs.

These cloud solutions deliver scalability, security, and agility at a lower cost, allowing companies to stay resilient in the face of the pandemic.

Local companies leveraging the cloud

Those who began their digital transformation prior to the pandemic enjoy an insurmountable head start.

CDO Foodsphere Inc., a leading food enterprise, migrated their warehouse management system to the cloud just before the community quarantine. They teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Globe Business to migrate from their on-premise legacy system, which had been plagued by long downtimes, tedious maintenance, and other performance issues.

The shift made inventory monitoring more efficient while reducing resolution times for system incident reports from 150 days to just a day.

XDE Logistics has likewise tapped the cloud as part of their IT infrastructure modernization efforts. Using G Suite and Globe postpaid lines allowed for streamlined, real-time coordination.

This helped ensure that shipments went smoothly, despite an increase in shipping volume due to the lockdown’s mobility restrictions.

Radiowealth Finance Company, Inc. (RFC), a loan solutions provider, has also used the cloud to sustain their productivity and operations uptime, despite having a leaner workforce during the pandemic.

By drawing on the expertise of Globe Business and its cloud consulting and delivery partner, Cascadeo, RFC made the most out of their existing AWS cloud infrastructure and lessened its cloud spend by 30% because of the optimizations.

Strengthening business resilience with trusted cloud providers

The cloud does more than just allow companies to stay afloat.

For businesses that need to keep an eye on things, the cloud ensures quality control, productivity, and always-on access to workloads. For those that need efficient systems to keep up with demand, the right cloud solutions can increase their agility and scalability. The cloud also lowers the risk of losing valuable data and widens pathways for collaboration.

These days, thriving companies have two things in common: they picked the right tools, and they chose the right partners. Weathering this crisis and building long-term business resilience requires not just robust infrastructure, but also cloud providers who can be trusted to give expert assessment and advice to help you find the best solutions that suit the changing times.

Gain a competitive advantage through improved business operations powered by Globe Cloud Solutions. To learn more, arrange a consultation with your Globe Business Account Manager today. You may also visit our website to find out how we can help you grow your enterprise with the Cloud.