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Case Study: How Cloud Technology Reshapes Automotive Distributor's Business Efficiency

Executive Summary: A leading global automotive distributor partnered with Globe Business to migrate its critical data and operations to Amazon Web Services (AWS), transitioning from a traditional on-premise IT infrastructure to a cloud-based solution. This strategic move enhanced remote accessibility for employees, reduced operational costs by eliminating the need for physical hardware, and improved disaster recovery capabilities. The cloud migration fortified the company's competitive edge, significantly improved the customer experience, and streamlined the car purchasing process.




A leading car distribution company with a successful history spanning over four decades and a strong global presence in North and South America, the Middle East, and Asia, is currently seeing steady growth in the Philippines. This is evident from its growing customer base and the increasing number of branches and dealerships across the country.


The company partnered with Globe Business to migrate its data and business operations to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This strategic Cloud migration enabled remote access to resources from various locations, enhancing sales, productivity, and collaboration.


The Challenge


For many years, the company stored its critical data and software on in-house hard drives and servers, making them vulnerable to disasters, data loss, and security threats. However, in the rapidly changing business environment, digital transformation has become a crucial factor in business success, and the need for modernization and remote accessibility has arisen.


The car distributor's traditional on-premise IT infrastructure risks becoming a bottleneck to its ambitious growth plans. It also poses significant challenges in disaster recovery during unexpected or catastrophic events that can affect their operations.


Additionally, their existing setup was expensive to maintain and scale, prone to downtime and security breaches, and hampered streamlined processes. It also limited their employees' access to essential data within the office, making hybrid work arrangements more challenging.


The Solution


Aware of the pressing need for digital transformation, the company partnered with Globe Business to migrate its operations-critical data to a more secure, robust, and scalable cloud storage solution. Globe Business proposed migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS), leveraging its robust cloud infrastructure.


AWS has data centers located worldwide, ensuring high uptime, disaster recovery capabilities, and easy accessibility at all times. A certified team of cloud deployment experts from Globe Business worked hand-in-hand with their team to migrate important data from its on-premise infrastructure to the Cloud.




The transition to AWS Cloud represented a pivotal phase for the automotive distributor. It significantly reduced costs by eliminating physical hardware storage and the corresponding maintenance and upgrade costs.


Sales agents can now promptly get access to inventories, brochures, and manuals anytime, anywhere, streamlining the car purchasing process. This strategic decision has strengthened the company's competitive position in a dynamic market and significantly improved the customer experience.


Lastly, migrating to the Cloud has improved the brand's disaster recovery capability with geo-redundant storage and data backup, minimizing the risk of data loss during unexpected events. The as-a-service model also opened avenues for scalable growth, allowing the car distributor to adapt its resources on the fly to meet market demands.


At Globe Business, we take pride in being more than just a service provider; we're your partner in sustaining your business's growth. Leveraging our Cloud Solutions, you can adjust and scale your operations and respond instantly to new market opportunities and technologies. Our solutions are tailored to meet your business's unique needs, ensuring you're well-equipped to face future challenges and disruptions.


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