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Lead-In 2018: Sparking A Revolution Through Culture

As consumer markets and technologies become more and more sophisticated, the everyday CEO must use everything to his advantage to set his company apart.

Undeniably, the game has leveled up for most industries. Beyond taking pure product-centric strategies, true industry winners emerge when leaders infuse a people-centric approach within the workplace through a great company culture.

This year’s Globe Leadership Innovation (Lead-In) Forum captures just that. Going beyond technologies and product-showcases, Lead-In 2018 focuses on harnessing the power of excellent company culture in cultivating an environment that embraces leadership and digital transformation.

Ron Kaufman, the New York Times best-selling author of Uplifting Service! and the keynote speaker for Globe Lead-In 2018, has found great success in advocating for a superior service culture for multiple companies around the world, because he believes that culture is where it all starts.

As his speech captured the spirit of Lead-In 2018’s theme, Culture Shock: Sparking A Revolution, executives listened to stories of digital transformation at the cultural level during the prestigious event.

The Importance of Superior Service Culture

Before a distinguished audience of more than 500 executives last October 16, 2018 at the Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La at the Fort, Kaufman passionately encouraged leaders to step up, go beyond the expected, and aim for an unbelievable service culture.

With great enthusiasm, Kaufman described the essential facets, along with specific strategies, in achieving a culture that takes action to create value not only for external customers, but also for the whole organization.

During his talk, he emphasized that building a service-focused culture today is no longer an option—it is a competitive necessity. These days, companies with a superior service reputation are not just attracting and retaining the best talent, they are also achieving market leadership and enjoying sustainable success.

How do they make it happen? The answer, according to Kaufman, is “consistency in the quality of service.” With the immediacy that stems from technology, customers have become accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it. However, it is no longer just about speed. What strikes customers the most is the quality of delivery—how well a company can meet expectations.

Even as customer expectations vary (for all people value and appreciate different things), businesses can still use a framework that empowers teams to get to know customers, be curious about them, and show them their appreciation.


Commitment to Always Up the Service

Consider Kaufman’s framework—the Six Levels of Service. Coupling his pointers with an engaging demonstration, he explained to the Lead-In crowd the dos and don'ts of service delivery.

He pointed out that a business that delivers criminal, basic, or even expected services is forging its future downwards. What more can a company anticipate if its culture has made a habit of breaking promises, giving its bare minimum, or simply aiming for industry standards?

An excellent service provider directs its efforts to achieving what is desirable (providing customers with what they like), surprising (creating value that is unexpected), and unbelievable (astonishing clients with a blow-me-away kind of service).

Of course, companies do not always have to deliver unbelievable services. Aside from the fact that it involves higher operating expenses, it is important to note that these Six Levels of Service are not steps, but rather a downward escalator. Kaufman illustrated further by saying that a service can only be unbelievable once. Afterwards, it just becomes surprising, which then turns into an expectation and so on.

Therefore, companies cannot rest on their laurels. Providing excellent service is a continuous commitment to taking the next step upward in creating value, especially in an era where customers are empowered by digital transformation.

Transformation Through Service

With these key points in mind, how can an enterprise give its culture the jolt it needs?

The answer: putting customers first, acting with integrity, caring like an owner, and working together to make a difference—all of which make Globe’s culture possible.

Apart from taking the time to understand what customers value the most, the company also encourages a service-oriented mindset among its internal teams through collaborative tools, trainings and workshops, leadership roles, and opportunities to work with people who empower them to create a Globe of Good.

Sparking a Sustainable Revolution

At Globe Business, we believe that culture is an essential part of value creation, but more importantly, sparking a cultural transformation is the next step to going beyond a company’s purpose. When businesses create environments that inspire great service, they are able to touch more lives.

As leaders tap into the power of culture in their organizations, there is no question that a powerful change in an organization’s dynamics does not just empower the workforce to go beyond business goals—it helps them achieve the excellence needed to stand out in today’s fast-paced digital world.

After all, a transformed culture is where it all starts. Company cultures that embrace change, leadership, and innovation, open themselves up to bigger things ahead. They become a company that goes beyond business, paving the way to building a better nation, and creating better lives for every Filipino for the years to come.

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