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Manufacturing: Hack Your Growth with Globe SD-WAN - The Business Advisor

Manufacturing: Hack Your Growth with Globe SD-WAN

In the age of a highly industrialized world, manufacturing firms must find ways to optimize their growth if they want to meet today’s market demands. One effective way to do so is through growth hacking: the process of optimizing every aspect of a business through rapid iteration to ultimately drive scale.

By adopting a growth mentality, businesses can flourish faster by maximizing current resources instead of simply adding more. With Globe’s latest innovation, SD-WAN, manufacturing companies can make their connectivity tools, such as their in-house WANs (wide area networks), more efficient.

How? Before we dive into that, let us define what SD-WAN is. SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network. It functions as a software-based solution that simplifies the delivery of Wide Area Network (WAN) services and Network Operations.

Among many other features, it allows users to have network visibility, giving them full control to view applications consuming the most bandwidth. It also gives them the capability to reroute applications as they desire. As this achieves intelligent network visibility and flexibility, businesses ultimately benefit from speedier data flow, gains in employee productivity, and savings in processing time.

After all, to produce optimized outputs, enterprises must have well-defined processes. Such processes are improved by tools and applications just like WAN. As the technology that complements the latest IP-VPN and Ethernet set-ups for all sorts of enterprise networks, Globe’s SD-WAN ultimately gives a competitive boost to your network infrastructure.

Allow it to help you.

At Globe Business, we believe that the best way to solve a problem is to prevent it. Unplanned mission-critical downtimes can result in huge revenue losses and opportunity costs. That does not just spell out reduced bottom lines; it also lessens resources that could have been utilized to scale faster than the market.

Take this scenario: After a manufacturing company’s employees complained about the slow response of their cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), their Network personnel discovered that the corporate data network was already fully utilized. Upon finding that non-mission critical activities—video conference calls, personal usage of employees, and even emails, for example—consumed majority of the bandwidth for their company, they saw a decrease in productivity.

In this instance, Globe’s SD-WAN can be used by Network personnel to properly reroute non-mission-critical applications’ traffic to the company’s fixed broadband network. Through Intelligent Traffic Routing, the Network team can redirect the necessary application to the right traffic transport.

And thanks to Globe SD-WAN’s Segment Bandwidth Consumption feature, Network personnel can also free up the corporate data network for the right tasks to ensure business continuity.

Clearly, not only will revenue increase exponentially from such a small, clever tweak, but it will also result in productivity returns in labor and tool output alike. This is what it means to adopt a growth mindset—by going down to the fundamentals, one can realize which small changes can be applied to produce exponential returns.

By taking continuous, deliberate iteration as a strategy, better and smarter ways will eventually emerge in using such a solution, producing ideal levels of scale that entities may not have thought possible before.

Grow your business by growing your tools.

At Globe Business, we believe that the best way to master scale is working smarter, not necessarily just thinking bigger. Adopting a growth mentality simply means looking for all the ways one can optimize resources first, and add them second—especially for things one would not think about initially.

With Globe SD-WAN, Enhanced Visibility is just the tip of the iceberg for the many ways it can help hack your growth and scale your business. From Faster Deployment (thanks to plug-and-play configuration) to Business Agility (thanks to any-to-any network connections), it is clearly the solution that keeps on giving.

At the end of the day, businesses would do well by adopting this new growth mindset, and in ultimately equipping their teams with the tools that let them live this out. With Globe SD-WAN, companies and their teams can reach the pinnacle of their growth as they dig deeper and work smarter, one iteration at a time.

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