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Execute Faster, Better with Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Gone are the days when people can only work through a desktop or laptop. The multi-functionality of mobile phones has now changed the game. From being merely a communication tool, they have become a must-have device for productivity at work.

With its newest updates geared toward efficiency and versatility, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ promises to help users accomplish more on-the-go, faster and better. Its feature enhancements are focused primarily on driving performance and speed, enriching productivity and a seamless workspace, and assuring built-in defense-grade security and manageability. It is indeed designed to become the tool for the modern workforce.

While many advertised phone models promise all the benefits of a desktop or laptop, nothing executes better than the Note10+. It features a quicker, more powerful system meant for different industries’ use, making it one of the most versatile mobile phones available in the market today.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how the Note10+ can advance your and your team’s work life:

1. Multitask at Fast Speeds

Note10+ allows splitting the screen and launching two apps at once, so you can do quick research while taking meeting notes during collaborations with your coworkers. 

With this phone's minimized bezel and maximized display (6.8 inches), too, you do not have to squint when using two apps at the same time. Its RAM has increased as well by 33%, so you should not worry about a crashing phone with multiple apps open simultaneously.

2. Work Seamlessly from Your Phone and PC

As long as you have a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, you can easily access files from Note10+ and flash them to a bigger screen through Samsung DeX Dual Mode.

Samsung DeX also boasts 62 android apps fully optimized to work with Note+. You can use Microsoft Office Suite, G Suite, virtual desktop environments, and video conferencing to make sure work doesn’t stop even if you’re changing locations.

These features are great for sales teams who travel from one place to another, presenting to several clients. Just connect the Note10+ to a monitor or desktop, or use the phone mirroring feature for your presentation, then you’re ready to close that sale.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

3. Stay Productive Anywhere, Anytime

Note10+ battery comes in handy if you’re always on-the-go or out of the office all day long. You can use your phone for up to 38 hours on a single full charge. With the much-improved, super-fast wired and wireless charging system, you can quickly get your battery charged.

When out on the field, it is also easier to note things down with a pen. Drop the ballpen and paper because you can write digitally on your Note10+. Pull out the S Pen and start drawing, scribbling, or take up to 100 pages of notes accurately on Note10+ screen, without unlocking your phone.

The S Pen has been redesigned to be the world’s most powerful stylus. You can use it for easy-to-remember gestures for controlling different features. It can also capture all your written ideas and retrieve text embedded within an image. Now, you can transcribe and edit your notes into a computer-readable format. Moreso, what is a waterproof smartphone without a waterproof stylus? The S Pen holds the same environmental protection as the phone!

4. Enhance Your Security with Defense-Grade Technology

Note10+ is equipped with Samsung Knox’s real-time protection and multi-layered security, ensuring that your company’s data is safe wherever you take it.

For extra precaution, the phone’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID will keep your device and data protected from third parties. The in-display sensor reads every detail of the Note10+ owner’s finger for easy access—but not for anyone else.

5. Capture Important Data Using A Multi-Faceted Camera

The multiple aperture lens of Note10+ adapts like the human eye and adjusts to the light and image capture requirements. As a personal phone, you can capture precious moments under any kind of lighting.

As a scanner, the camera has a powerful data processor that can scan barcodes. If your work requires ID scanning of guests or sending or receiving payments, you can do so right on your Note10+.

The Time of Flight (ToF) specialized cameras on the phone can also help with inventory tracking as it differentiates items like boxes by size or volume. It also enables video re-creation, such as huge company conferences and speaker events, by stitching multiple angles together into a seamless file.

Looking for the detailed specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note10+? Check out this table for your easy reference:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+


6.8-inch display

3,040 x 1040 OLED screen


7nm Exynos 9825 CPU


12 GB RAM + 256 GB or 512 GB storage

Rear Camera

Triple-lens camera

12 MP Dual Pixel, 16MP ultra-wide, 12 MP telephoto and ToF sensors

ToF 'DepthVision' camera

16 MP ultra-wide, 12 MP wide-angle

12 MP telephoto lens

Front Camera

10 MP Dual Pixel

Centrally-aligned punch-hole cutout


WiFi 6




7nm Exynos 9825 SoC

All-new S Pen

Air Gestures

Long battery life, Fast charge

Supports 5G and Wifi6

IP68 Certification


On-screen fingerprint sensors

Samsung Knox


Dolby Atmos


Samsung DeX


4,300 mAh battery


Aura Glow

Aura Black

Aura White

With its stunning array of features, Note10+ is certainly built to fit any lifestyle and work style.

Note10+ is not only noteworthy of its power but the versatility it also gives—it is functional across any workplace. It is a desktop control for presentations, a notebook for fieldwork, and a scanner and storage for inventory listings.

All these features make this phone a flexible tool that leaves no boundaries for its users to create, share, and innovate, regardless of wherever they are. Whether you are an off-site worker, a regular office staff, a transient manager, or the head of creatives, Note10+ brings the power of the office to anywhere the user needs it.

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*Samsung Galaxy Note10 is also available.

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