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SD-WAN: The Gateway to Agile Connectivity - The Business Advisor

SD-WAN: The Gateway to Agile Connectivity

As a business owner in today’s tech-savvy world, you thrive on connectivity. Year after year, the country’s economic climate changes, and industries embrace the digital side more and more. Connectivity plays a pivotal role in how all businesses grow, evolve, and establish themselves.

Because of this, choosing the right connectivity technology is a subject that is discussed in every boardroom. Top executives like yourself understand that this decision is critical: It will determine the fate of your company.

Connectivity today

Modern businesses typically use Internet Protocol – Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) to answer their need for connectivity. Over time, however, downsides to these IP-VPNs have surfaced, prompting key players to find better ways to make and maintain connections.

Concerns on network efficiency, visibility, and deployment difficulty come up when businesses that gear towards expansion rely solely on IP-VPNs. If your business has expanded or is considering doing so, you have probably encountered one or more of these as well. IP-VPNs require CAPEX investments, bandwidth configuration, and installation lead-time. This drives up not only the cost of deployment but also the time and effort spent on installing both hardware and software.

Advancing connectivity with SD-WAN

There is still a steadily growing demand for IP-VPNs and other efficient connectivity technologies for businesses in a wide variety of industries. Thus, we are providing Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) to the Philippine market.

SD-WAN is a modern and innovative way of deploying networks across multiple sites. It uses software and cloud-based technology to deliver connectivity to various locations and to allow a centralized system to manage network operations. It is also a highly flexible connectivity solution which can complement your existing IP-VPN network and provide faster deployment, business agility, and enhanced network visibility.

Unlike IP-VPNs, which require high CAPEX per site and personnel with specialized technical knowledge, SD-WAN has software-defined cloud architecture that is easier to deploy. Time to market is much faster compared to traditional IP-VPN set-ups, thus resulting in a quick return on investment. Additionally, operations like allocation of bandwidth and traffic routing can be done real-time, optimizing connectivity even further.

What makes SD-WAN special?

Businesses all over the world are utilizing SD-WAN to enhance their current connectivity requirements. Gartner, a leading international research and advisory company, has predicted a 25% increase in the adoption rate of cloud-based networks like SD-WAN in the next two years.

What sets SD-WAN apart from other networks? It is simple: Being software-defined and cloud-based make it the best solution for businesses that need efficient connectivity at a minimal deployment cost.

For enterprises, SD-WAN provides faster time to market through simplified deployment. Thanks to its ability to complement your existing connectivity, installation is much quicker across any number of branches.

SD-WAN also adapts to dynamic business requirements and provides increased control of the network. Its centralized management system helps you optimize traffic, allocate and reroute bandwidth across your connectivities, and configure accessibility without requiring separate appliances.

Finally, SD-WAN gives enhanced visibility over the performance of your network operations. Enterprises can easily assess the status of their network through online means, and adjustments can quickly be made by your managers or Information Technology staff—without intervention from outside providers.

Whether your business already has multiple site locations or just plans for expansion, you can most definitely benefit from using SD-WAN. Multi-site industries such as manufacturing, retail, banking, or logistics, can benefit from applying SD-WAN in their current operations and business models.

Going beyond with SD-WAN

SD-WAN is a prime, innovative solution that caters to your need for better connectivity. Whatever industry you are in, it will be a fitting upgrade to your existing network set-up, as you move forward and expand in this digital world.

With SD-WAN, you can go beyond distances and expand your business in places you have never reached before. You can improve connectivity, grow your enterprise, and establish connections between your sites—immediately and without much trouble.

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