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Empowering Your Business with SD-WAN

As your enterprise partner, Globe Business shares with you its passion in helping you carve your path towards future-proofing your business by keeping you connected. Be prepared for the future with SD-WAN and start experiencing a better, more expansive, and agile connectivity. No matter what industry you are in, Globe SD-WAN will be a competitive boost to your network infrastructure, especially now that technology continues to change the way we do business.

Technology has always been at the forefront of change. As it continues to modernize and improve the daily lives of an everyday consumer, it also makes its mark on industries and businesses all over the world.

Technology has also always played a big role in bringing people together through connectivity. Since leased lines were first launched in the 1970s, connectivity options have evolved, and some of these like ATM, Frame Relay, MPLS, and IP-VPN are still currently in use. And with today’s fast-paced advancement in science and technology comes the latest frontier in connectivity, the Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

Since network infrastructure commonly employed by businesses today are costly, complicated to maintain, provider-dependent, and limited in footprint, SD-WAN works as a complementary technology to the likes of IP-VPN (e.g. ELAN, MPLS) and upgrades them to provide a more agile connectivity that can eradicate the common pain points in the existing network infrastructure.

So how does SD-WAN work and how does it complement your current connectivity? SD-WAN is a third-wave connectivity technology that uses software and cloud-based technology to efficiently deliver connectivity to multiple sites. By doing this, it enables its users to efficiently manage the network operations of multiple locations/branches.

The SD-WAN advantage

There are two major areas where SD-WAN can help businesses with.

The first one is its value-addition to existing connectivity options. By serving as a complement to any network transport, SD-WAN allows you and your business to roll out a more efficient corporate data network.

With SD-WAN, your network operations can be easily configured and self-managed without the need to constantly inform and coordinate with your provider. Because it uses software and cloud-based technology, SD-WAN can help you expand your reach and ensure that each of your sites is well-connected.

Secondly, using SD-WAN enables improved service availability and network performance. Through it, businesses can provide cost-efficient redundancy, improve network agility, and use intelligent pathway control to determine the flow of network traffic.

This way, you can make sure that your network is at its best for your business as you are able to re-route bandwidth traffic from one transport to another while ensuring that your lines and internal communications are secure.

Installing SD-WAN is also cost-efficient and requires minimal configuration as it adapts itself to your current network infrastructure. More importantly, it can help reduce cost by pulling down CAPEX and OPEX for network infrastructure and hardware appliances commonly needed in a previous-generation network technology set-up.

SD-WAN in different industries

SD-WAN can complement any existing network infrastructure your business has, help improve your connectivity, and advance your operations in the digital space. No matter which industry your business operates in, it can surely benefit you in the following ways:

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BankingConfidentiality of communication between branches, particularly confidential transactions, over existing network lines is always under threat.SD-WAN provides an additional layer of security once installed with the current network infrastructure, ensuring that communication lines are secure.
ManufacturingManagement of automated systems between different manufacturing hubs can become difficult.SD-WAN’s addition to the current network infrastructure ensures stable connectivity between different manufacturing hubs, making sure inter-site operations run smoothly.
RetailOverseeing relevant business applications (e.g. the ones for sales and inventory management) in different retail branches can become complicated.SD-WAN’s cloud-based nature gives managers a bird’s-eye view of all important applications on retail trading.
LogisticsInformation sharing between different departments can be hampered by slow connectivity, leading to problems in operations courtesy of delays in message delivery.With SD-WAN, managers can allocate more bandwidth to important departments that drive operations to ensure that the path for information sharing is always free of unnecessary traffic.

What makes Globe’s SD-WAN unique from its competitors?

Globe SD-WAN is a prime, innovative solution that is user-friendly, efficient, flexible, centralized, and easy to manage. It caters to your need for better connectivity, which makes it a fitting complement to your existing network set-up as your business expands. Here is a quick look of what sets Globe SD-WAN apart from other providers:

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  • With a Globe-housed cloud platform, issues with your network can easily be addressed.
  • With a private cloud-based infrastructure, you can be sure that your network is always secure.
  • A vendor-housed cloud platform would mean longer waiting time to resolve your network issues.
  • Having a public cloud-based infrastructure means providers do not have full control of network security.
  • It can support complex networking that extends to multiple branches where SD-WAN is deployed.
  • The SD-WAN offer can be tweaked and tailored to fit your requirements.
  • SD-WAN capabilities are limited as to what third-party vendors can provide through their own cloud.
  • Globe SD-WAN is flexible and allows connectivity to your existing MPLS or ELAN network.
  • Other third-party vendors provide SD-WAN as a stand-alone offer, which cannot connect to existing networks you already have.

On top of these, Globe can also help you develop your network step-by-step and allow you to deploy one SD-WAN unit at a time as needed by your enterprise. This makes network expansion through Globe less expensive compared to competitors in the market, as they require changing the whole network and leaving existing network investments without value.

Globe can also manage both the SD-WAN unit and network connectivity, which means your business will have better access to network support compared to that of other providers. Through Globe, you can be sure that customer service goes beyond the deployment of SD-WAN units as every network need of your enterprise is taken care of.

The time for SD-WAN is now.

SD-WAN provides a win-win solution by serving as an innovative addition to the existing connectivity investments of businesses. With SD-WAN complementing your current network infrastructure, faster returns on investment are guaranteed because it offers flexibility, customization, performance improvement, and simplicity all in one go.

The new SD-WAN solution is in line with Globe’s mission to modernize and innovate the way businesses use the internet. Globe Business serves as a partner for both local and multinational enterprises in making sure they are not alone in their digital evolution. A stable, reliable, and expansive connectivity such as what is offered by SD-WAN is necessary for any enterprise’s success in today’s digital global economy.

Interested to learn more about our products and solutions? Arrange a consultation with a Globe Business Advisor today.