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Retail: Banking on Agility with Globe SD-WAN - The Business Advisor

Retail: Why Agility is the New Currency and How Globe SD-WAN Can Help You Bank on It

When Salesforce’s Marc Benioff took his place at the World Economic Forum’s digital transformation panel session in Davos, he had only one point to drive home: “Speed is the new currency of business,” he started. “If you’re not going fast enough, someone else is. That’s why we all have to be a little bit scared and we all have to go a little bit faster.”

Indeed, the CEO of the no.1 CRM company hit the nail on the head. Speed, or more accurately, agility, is what separates the winning companies from the rest.

The agile tactic

Take a look at Zara, for instance. Thanks to its speed-to-market strategy, the retail giant has consistently ranked as one of the largest billion-dollar fashion brands in the world. Not only has Zara successfully used agility in responding to consumer needs, the brand has also expanded as rapidly as possible to secure its top position in the industry—and it has clearly worked.

From self-service check-out counters to fitting room technology that recommends complementary pieces in real time, Zara has created an effective innovative template that is easily replicable in any new location. With the aid of technology, Zara guarantees its success by achieving agility along with consistency in their in-store experience.

Even Uniqlo conforms to the same idea. It has also utilized rapid expansion to become the no.1 retailer in Japan and is planning to take Zara head on for the global sales crown using the exact same strategy.

For a long time, speed-to-market has been a useful tactic when deployed reactively in consumer retail. However, these champion brands just prove that unlocking its true potential lies in taking a more proactive approach combined with the right tools and technology.

As Benioff said, “The reality is that technology enables speedier execution. In that way, it’s a little bit that the medium is the message.”

With Globe SD-WAN, retailers now have the perfect tool for speedy executions. As they scale their business to new heights, they can be sure to keep pace with the internet-powered world of today using only the latest that connectivity technology has to offer. They will be able to benefit from the boom of business while simplifying their enterprise-grade set-up through several ways:

  • Seamless interconnectivity within a centralized corporate data network
  • Easy deployment and network management from a single point of contact
  • Secure compatibility to all future upgrades within one’s network:
    • Flexible bandwidth increases
    • Heightened traffic monitoring
    • After-sales handling
    • Cloud readiness
    • Cybersecurity solutions

Enterprises can also enjoy SD-WAN’s centralized features since it works well within Globe’s infrastructure and your current network set-up.

Whether we are looking into a specific industry (where firms can enjoy a competitive edge from the proper routing of bandwidth for cloud-based activities) or assessing the impact of SD-WAN on the corporate landscape as a whole, any business in a myriad of industries can benefit from the positive results of using this agile connection.

So why choose Globe? From private cloud-based infrastructures to convenient connectivity to existing MPLS/ELANs, here’s how Globe SD-WAN stands apart from other providers:

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  • With a Globe-housed cloud platform, issues with your network can easily be addressed.
  • With a private cloud-based infrastructure, you can be sure that your network is always secure.
  • A vendor-housed cloud platform would mean longer waiting time to resolve your network issues.
  • Having a public cloud-based infrastructure means providers do not have full control of network security.
  • It can support complex networking that extends to multiple branches where SD-WAN is deployed.
  • The SD-WAN offer can be tweaked and tailored to fit your requirements.
  • SD-WAN capabilities are limited as to what third-party vendors can provide through their own cloud.
  • Globe SD-WAN is flexible and allows connectivity to your existing MPLS or ELAN network.
  • Other third-party vendors provide SD-WAN as a stand-alone offer, which cannot connect to existing networks you already have.

With so many innovations in store, retailers have a lot to look forward to with Globe SD-WAN. But how exactly can they reap the rewards of this tool in their respective industry?

The future belongs to the fast

Any business is capable to expand rapidly; however, the key to agility is how effectively this expansion is carried out. There are actually specific retail practices executed today that would immensely benefit from Globe SD-WAN’s features.

Take the use case of installing pop-up stores. In the Philippines, the cosmetics market learns a great deal from temporary activations. Brick-and-mortar brands such as Kiehl’s for skincare or Benefit for make-ups use pop-up stores as market-testing strategies.

Instead of investing heavily in a new location right away, pop-up stores are a great way to gauge demand from the market—from which products sell well to the demographic of consumers attracted.

With minimal CAPEX investment, maximized short-term revenue, and rich quantitative and qualitative insights for future expansion, pop-up stores are crucial to most retailers’ go-to-market approach. With Globe SD-WAN, this swift scaling of a digitally enabled, brick-and-mortar empire will be a lot more seamless.

Faster network deployment

Retailers no longer have to deal with multiple ocular visits or restricted line provisions in their quest to expand market reach. Since Globe SD-WAN can run on any fixed-broadband connection, branches can easily connect to headquarters (or even to their cloud-based applications), and employees can deploy and operate new stores with minimal supervision.

Transformative cloud-based solutions

SD-WAN's speed and bandwidth capabilities allow retailers to run several cloud-based digital applications and solutions for multiple branches: from GoCanvas (a digital form builder) to HR & Payroll, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) (fleet management solutions), and much more. Ultimately, operations can become more efficient without the need for a huge network set-up.

Enhanced visibility

On top of deployment ease, there is the consolidation of control. Thanks to increased visibility, retail stores can ensure better forecast accuracy for inventory and enable swift responses to real-time demand, driving seamless expansions that move better with the market at lower costs.

Improved digital retailtainment

Retailers no longer need to compromise the quality of in-store experience, even for temporary set-ups such as pop-up stores. Since most brick-and-mortar locations nowadays use multiple gadgets connected to the internet and cloud, Globe SD-WAN can enable these temporary branches to provide the same great experience as their permanent counterparts.

From tablets to videos to a complete in-store digital journey, promoting a seamless customer experience hinges greatly on the store’s connectivity set-up and bandwidth optimization. Broadband connections can be optimized for fast and seamless delivery with a cloud-based environment, enabling retailers to expand and grow in multiple locations and provide their signature brand of retailtainment, without breaking the bank.

Proactive agility

From fast fashion to global cosmetics, a speed-to-market strategy is always more powerful when implemented proactively. Expanding your empire will not rely on the physical capability of your service provider alone. To truly win the game of agility, how innovatively the strategy is carried out will spell the difference between effectiveness and efficiency. And Globe SD-WAN is just the innovation you need to make your expansion plans come to life.

Here at Globe Business, we believe that proactivity partnered with speed is the perfect formula to achieve true business agility. Just like Globe’s current roster of partners conducting their own stages of integration testing for their own enterprises, let Globe SD-WAN equip you on your journey to building a thriving retail empire that can serve any customer anywhere, effortlessly.

Interested to learn more about Globe SD-WAN or any of our other products and solutions? Contact your Globe Business Account Manager or arrange a consultation with a Globe Business Advisor today.


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