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Managing Risks, Strengthening Digital Trust - The Business Advisor

Managing Risks, Strengthening Digital Trust

In the Philippines, digital trust is in short supply. As the top country in the world in terms of social media usage, the Philippines is also the most vulnerable Southeast Asian nation to cybersecurity threats according to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2017 Internet Crime Report.

Globally, we placed ninth in terms of falling prey to cyber attacks. However, a recent Global Information Security Survey by professional services firm EY Global showed that at least 60% of local firms are unprepared for cyber attacks.

Considering the country's previous experiences in dealing with major attacks only strengthens the truth behind these reports. In 2016, the website of the Commission on Elections was hacked, endangering the personal information of over 70 million registered voters. In the same year, a cyber heist involving the Central Bank of Bangladesh made headlines when it was uncovered that at least $81 million was sent to the Philippines and laundered through the country’s casino industry.

Earlier this year, Facebook acknowledged that some 87 million accounts, including almost 1.2 million from the Philippines, was "improperly shared" to the British political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica.

With majority of businesses investing in online presence, the possibility of being breached is also at an all-time high. No business is too big or too small for cyberthreats.

Increasing Complexity, Increasing Risk

We aim to help enterprises overcome challenges and build secure digital environments. With world-class partners—Amazon Web Services, Google, RightCloud, GoCanvas, Trustwave, and BitSight, to name a few—and investments in our own cloud infrastructure, we are able to provide businesses with the flexible and secure solutions they need.

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services, for example, enables us to provide enterprises with greater scalability, agility, and ease of collaboration through a set of cloud-based IT resources and business applications. In addition, by optimizing digital environments like the public cloud and allowing customers to maintain control of physical assets through Data Center colocation, Globe is able to provide hybrid solutions that are suitable to the customer’s agility and scalability requirements.

Trustwave, for its part, monitors online threats and delivers proactive security services through a globally federated Advance Security Operations Center. This, together with our advocacy through the #makeITsafePH campaign, empowers our clients to safeguard sensitive corporate data and protect company resources.

Furthermore, our cost-effective tailor-made solutions allow businesses to mitigate security threats even before they happen: Anti-DDoS to protect online services by keeping servers up and running; Managed Enterprise Firewall that identify and validate potential threats in real time; and Secure Email Gateway, which eliminates email-borne threats before they reach the network, while providing centralized email security for all environments, among others.

Beyond the private sector, we work with the government to institute measures that can effectively respond to increasingly complex cybersecurity challenges.

Our team of experts assisted in developing an e-Government Master Plan 2.0 for the Department of Information and Communications Technology. The e-GMP 2.0 will serve as a comprehensive master plan that harmonizes and integrates the ICT efforts of the national government, with emphasis on cybersecurity and digital trust, financial management, general administration and logistics, and data exchange.

The Right Foundation

Information is the driving force of the new digital economy, and as a telecommunication company, we recognize this more than anybody else.

Every day, millions of data pass through our infrastructure. Unsurprisingly, that information throughput grows exponentially. It is projected that by 2020, the number of internet users will double to five billion, with about 50 billion connected devices worldwide, generating internet traffic of 2.3 zettabytes.

Digital natives will push workplaces outside the confines of traditional offices. More decisions and processes will be analytics-driven—from assembly-line to marketing—and by 2019, we expect more companies to shift their cybersecurity focus towards digital trust.

This evolving digital landscape may do more harm than good to businesses that do not have the necessary foundations in place. This is why we strive to provide businesses with the proper tools and services that strengthen their foundations to support their growth.

Ultimately, by embracing digital transformation, companies will be able to serve their customers better. We are here to provide them with the ability to better serve new markets, manage risks, and strengthen digital trust—ensuring ongoing success in the 21st century.

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