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Ways to Accelerate Digital Transformation Through Cybersecurity - The Business Advisor

4 Ways to Accelerate Digital Transformation Through Cybersecurity

Given today’s unpredictable operating environment, businesses must weigh-in multiple options to get digital transformation running. Oftentimes, company executives make the mistake of forgoing a cybersecurity strategy. However, with how things are progressing in the digital space, cybersecurity should be more than just an afterthought.

Digital transformation has become critically important, as the pandemic forces a reset of the way we work. 66 percent of digital technologists say the pandemic has revealed weaknesses in their digital strategy. 71 percent admit that digital transformation projects had to be rushed to completion in weeks.

The sharp rise in remote work has exposed massive cybersecurity gaps, leading to a rise in attacks. One recent survey found that 20 percent of businesses experienced cybersecurity incidents due to remote workers. What’s more, 24 percent of respondents reported paying unexpected costs to address these breaches and malware infections.

Knowing these statistics, how can businesses speed up innovation and transformation—without compromising cybersecurity? The answer: embed cybersecurity into the core of digital transformation initiatives.

Balancing digital transformation and security

Having gone through continuous digital transformation (as change knows no end), Globe Business understands that digitalization and cybersecurity don’t have to be at odds. Globe, as an organization, learned early on that business resilience is not just about the ability to adapt and recover from disruption, but being able to anticipate and prevent it. Having this sense of urgency, Globe offers a suite of cybersecurity solutions and services that help enterprises identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats.

By partnering with experienced cybersecurity providers like Zscaler and Secureworks, Globe Business helps Philippine enterprises take a proactive posture against online risks and threats—without bumping off existing digital strategies.

Consider Globe Business’ Secure Internet Access (SIA) Bundles: four different security packages that address almost every conceivable cybersecurity scenario.

Use Case 1: Secure your remote workforce

For decades, businesses have relied on a network-centric approach to cybersecurity, wherein users and applications connect to office networks. But with the restructuring of the workforce, security perimeters have extended to the internet, leaving network cybersecurity solutions, like remote access VPNs, obsolete.

Employees working from home tend to place less priority on cybersecurity. They’re likely to visit questionable websites, share passwords with unauthorized individuals, and send data over poorly-secured home networks.

As the majority of users access private applications from unmanaged devices and systems, companies need to rethink access and shift to software-defined perimeter services.

Companies looking to address this glaring security gap may turn to SIA Web Access Defense, a solution that secures users’ access to work resources, regardless of which network they are on.

This package safeguards SaaS applications such as Office 365, GSuite, Workday, and Salesforce from bothersome cyber breaches, maintaining day-to-day operations without getting in the way of productivity.

Use Case 2: Shield applications from unauthorized users

Protecting your cloud-based data from online threats can feel like a task with no end in sight, considering that your perimeter has extended to the entire Internet. Exposed to the web, your applications run a high risk of breach by unauthorized users. Solutions like VPNs may cost too much, or reduce access to data.

SIA Zero Trust solves the issue by deploying both direct-to-internet connectivity and Zscaler’s Private Access (ZPA). The latter provides Zero Trust security, which involves a strict identity verification process, and secures remote access to internal applications running on the cloud or data center.

SIA Zero Trust allows users to log onto critical apps without connecting to the network. Apps are never exposed to the Internet, rendering them completely invisible to unauthorized users.

Use Case 3: Monitor cyber threats 24/7

Cybercriminals rarely sleep, and the rising shift to the Cloud has given them more opportunities to do their worst. Between June 2019 and July 2020, attacks against cloud systems increased by 250 percent. Your incident response team will have their hands full managing this growing tide of threats menacing your network.

Enhance your incident response team’s capabilities with SIA Proactive Response. This solution combines direct-to-internet connectivity with Secureworks Incident Management Retainer (IMR), a proactive cybersecurity consulting and priority incident response support service your team can turn to 24/7.

SIA Proactive Response can extend your incident response team’s capability to limit damage, minimize downtime, speed up recovery efforts, and help prevent future incidents.

Use Case 4: All-out protection

Companies going all-out to pursue their digital transformation strategies will need a complete package to handle any threat that might get in the way. Investing in SIA Max Protect will unleash all the features of the preceding SIA Bundles, plus more.

SIA Max Protect combines direct-to-internet connectivity with Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA), Zscaler Private Access (ZPA), and Secureworks’ Incident Management Retainer (IMR), ensuring your networks are kept safe from a wide variety of cyber-threats.

SIA Max Protect customers enjoy a seamless remote work experience, alternative VPN access to different SaaS applications, and an upgraded Incident Response Plan that address today’s increasing and increasingly-complex cyber risks.

Affordable, highly capable cybersecurity bundles

Globe Business SIA Bundles show that digital transformation doesn’t have to compromise security, or vice versa. Their surprisingly affordable rates and high-performance feature sets allow you to increase capacity without impacting your capital expenditures. 

Protect your business while connecting to a reliable network with Globe Business SIA Bundles. Learn more about how you can make your cybersecurity operations effective and cost-efficient by visiting our website or contacting your dedicated Account Manager.


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