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Google AppSheet - Globe Business

Unlock Your Business' True Potential

Create convenient and user-friendly apps using Google AppSheet to help you automate daily operations and improve company productivity.


Know where your resources go and keep an eye on business expenses with efficient bookkeeping apps.

Business Operations

Increase productivity with an app that automates business processes for a smooth and streamlined business operation.

Customer Engagement

Receive reviews and feedback from customers through an app, so you can make sales interactions effective.

Field Service

Stay in touch with everyone with an app to help you remain connected with your employees in and out of the field.

Workforce Management

Empower your team and monitor your employees’ performance using an app that helps you organize schedules and business expenses.

Inspection Surveys

Help your employees in security audits and quality control with an app that easily creates checklists and inventory trackers.

Inventory & Logistics

Create catalogs and lists with modern and easy-access apps to help you supervise your inventory and portfolio.

Project & Task Management

Track projects efficiently with an app that makes data collection, project planning, and project management easy.

Facility Management

Examine facilities faster and more thoroughly with an app that makes management and maintenance inspection simpler.

Safety & Health

Prioritize precautionary measures by creating an app that makes sure your employees are safe and healthy in the workplace.

Sales & Marketing

Keep up with business trends by making an app that helps you to monitor press releases and create effective campaigns.


Make training and onboarding sessions fun with an app that lets you modernize new employee onboarding and course management.

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Understand how Google AppSheet can help you build advanced solutions for your enterprise.


Employee Innovations Save Globe US$6.7 Million, Reduce Processing Time by 80% Using Google AppSheet

Globe’s citizen developer strategy reaps the success of AppSheet, as it gains higher employee engagement rates and empowerment since 2020.


What are the limitations of AppSheet?

Here are the limitations of AppSheet databases for preview per user:

  • You can store a maximum of 10,000 rows of data in each database table.
  • You can store a maximum of 100 columns of data in each database table.
  • You can store a maximum of 20 tables of data in each database.
  • You can create a maximum of 20 databases.

Can AppSheet work offline?

Yes, the tools you created through AppSheet can be used both on mobile and browser even if you’re offline. 

Follow the steps below to configure offline and sync on your mobile: 

  1. Open the tool you created in the app editor. 
  2. Tap “Settings” and look for “Offline Mode.
  3. Expand the sections and configure the offline mode property settings as needed. 
  4. Go back to Settings and tap “Performance.”
  5. Expand the sections on the screen and configure the performance property settings as needed.
  6. Tap “Save & Verify Data” to save the app settings. 

If you want to access the tools on your browser offline, you must make sure that the app is connected to the internet the first time it loads. Once the app has fully loaded, you may now use it even without an internet connection. 

Then, you can keep working on the app as long as you don’t close it or refresh it. 

Note: Offline image and document caching don’t work offline. If you want to save the images and documents you added offline, make sure that you sync them first before closing the tab.